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Wazir-i-Azm Kamyab Naujawan programme

By Rafia Yasmine

According to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Pakistan, the country has largest percentage of young people in the world.
This is also largest population of youth in Pakistan’s history as well. Such huge youth bulge can have great potential of transform country from developing to developed nation provided this youth is facilitated and its energy is channelized in right direction. However, scemo youth bulge can also become a potential threat if youth is not given education and employment 2017 national census shows 64% of population is below age of 30 year while 29% falls in age bracket of 15-29 years.
Country is facing many challenges on economic and security fronts and in this situation fragile youth can become victim to unemployment and terrorism. Keeping view this situation, Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched a holistic plan for youth that aims to provide job opportunities skill development and oft loans.
The core idea behind these efforts is to empower youth so that its potential can be used for development of nation. There have been many youth schemes in the part as well that aimed to provide skills and loans to youngsters but they could not being desired results due to lack political will and dedication.
Many schemes fell prey to corruption and fnds were eiths not utilized properly or misused. Current Scheme of Prime Minister Imran Khan is unique in a way that it is aimed at providing Job opportunities and soft loans. This scheme will also have a feedback system as well in order to check response of youth.
The scheme will encompass multiple programmers like economic development, Green youth movement and internships. Youth exchange programmers are also part of this scheme. Total cost of this programme will be Rs. 100 bn and out of this amount 25% of it is specified for loans for women.
This is a wise move which has dual benefits of empowering women as well as increasing employment rate. One suggestion for this ambitious youth scheme can be to include such programme under CPEC as well.
This will help youth to engage in CPEC which is a game changer project. Also CPEC has huge potential for Job creation that can cater to needs of unemployed youth. However current economic crunch can pose a huge challenge for PM youth scheme as inflation can load to massive unemployment which can prove counter to youth programmers. This cause and effect cycle needs calendared and wise measures in order to address upcoming challenges. Government and opposition must join hands in order to deal with such issues. Mean while, one can hope that Prime Minister youth scheme will be a success, story.

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