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Visit of Ahmad Khawar Shahzad, Additional Director General QAED Punjab at District QAED Sahiwal and Pakpattan

Our Staff correspondent
Lahore: Ahmad Khawar Shahzad, Additional Director General, QAED Punjab Lahore on his arrival at District QAED Sahiwal and Pakpattan,  immediately held a detailed meeting with all participants regarding the going-on activities. The ADG expressed tremendous interest in the ISA activities:
Concept, purpose, major components, topics covered so far, and the remaining contents.
Khawar was very keen to transform the training sessions worthwhile with effective input, purposeful supervision and phased implementation in the field. He showed strong eagerness to move from Critical Thinking & Problem Solving to other Core Skills of Creativity, Communication and Collaboration, Citizenship, Digital Literacy and Students’ Leadership.

ADG Khawar visited the training rooms of ISA and interacted with the trainees and trainers. He showed deep interest in the classroom activities. It cast highly positive impact on the motivation level of trainees and trainers as well, and ensued positive discussion with the ADG regarding the usefulness of the programme. The ADG was pleased to see highly conducive learning environment and comfortable classroom setting. He was briefed about the contents by the MT. He, using the technique of comparison, invited views from trainees regarding the learning process in schools in their time and the one in vogue, with so much emphasis, monitoring and introduction to 21st century techniques. The trainees actively participated the phenomenon.  The ADG felt happy with the learning level of the trainees.  He stressed to revive good teaching practices. Moreover, students need to be taught according to emerging trends so trainings are convened to acquaint teachers with those trends and niceties.

The ADG  apprised that the instant training was being held to commemorate the 72nd Independence Day of Pakistan. He demonstrated pure love for the motherland which was won after countless sacrifices. He said that Pakistan is a great blessing of Almighty Allah. With the Kashmir issue and recent atrocities by India in IOJ&K, its importance has gained momentum. He said that ID is, in fact, the day to revive the sacred pledge for Pakistan. He motivated the trainees to offer their sincerest services for their beloved country by playing their effective role in upbringing the new generation as Architects of the Nation with struggle, dedication, innovation, creativity and selflessness to cope with the 21st century challenges. He also emphasized upon them to adopt a poor student to enable him to be successful in life.

Visit to the ISA Training Room:
After playing an active role of a great teacher who had good knowledge and techniques, is democratic and believes in participatory approach to learning, the distinguished visitor moved to the other training room and the school premises. The worthy ADG took seconds to become part of the class with his caring attitude. He invited the MTs to introduce the workshop. One MT told that the programme is part of British Council Connecting Classroom. She told that each selected school had to execute, share and validate, at least, seven activities to compete for International School Award.

The Additional Director General proved to be a great motivator. He conducted thought-provoking sessions with the trainees of ISA. He said, The ISA programme is meant to groom and develop public sector teachers with its global perspective. Leadership  and landmark achievements are waiting for you. You have more resources, and thus more chances to win while schools with less HR and facilities have competed and won. Schools win with passion. Follow the criteria which is so simple and practical, and come forward with determination. On this occasion of 72nd Independence Day of our beloved Pakistan, I trust you to play your significant role in the development and prosperity of Pakistan, and win a great place for him in the comity of nations. The day is to revive the old promise of sacrifice and Unceasing struggle for Pakistan and play our role to cure the difficulties and usher in peace and prosperity with dedication, integrity, sincerity and, above all, hardworking. Work hard in silence, and let successes make a noise. Inculcate the same great values among your students to equip the country with the most fertile, suave and independent nation.”

The participants were highly motivated and thanked the worthy guest for his invaluable thoughts, matchless passion and love for the motherland. The big applause was a testimony to the fact. It was a highly productive visit which equipped the trainees with new skills of teaching through deductive method of discovery; the trainers with clarity of concept and management with devotion and sincerity.

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