Virtual University adds another feather in its cap

By K A Mian

LAHORE: The Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP) has added yet another feature to its cap after the establishment of the centralized ‘Data Center’ in order to maintain the security of data and improve effective connectivity with its all branches across the country, Daily The Business has learnt here on Monday.

Pakistan first and most prominent University completely based on Modern information and communication technology is continuing its mission with great success and termination.

Keeping in mind, the imperative lead for technological advancement and advanced Data Center has been established with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The university is connected on phone to fibre optic network with multiple redundant routes. Now, the VU 200-campuses across the country are connected to the central data centre to secure VPN for voice, video and data communication.

The data centre has been accessed through IP from site-to-site and remote access, VPN tunnelling mixed the network securely accessible.  The VU has established its own data centre which had been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

It has ISR routers, nexus’s switches with 10G connectivity, XG nation firewall with UPM solution, a calico logic solution with best backup technique and high-tech machine system for proactive management techniques.

The voice communication between all campuses and offices established to secure through sip-based telephonically and apex o gateways.  Network security has been designed to protect the usability and integrity of network and data.

The hardware-based firewall appliances based on UTM technology is used in the data centre. The data centre power room is supplied with dual power sources with n + 1 and UPS backups.

Likewise, access to the power rooms and data centre was controlled with biometrics and proactive Network management system. All backed and internet services are deployed on virtual machine basic infrastructure which sealed on hardware and power resources by using manageability.

The massive storage usage needs of the university are served through mass deployment. The new data centre is also hosted the new disaster recovery site for all IT servers hosted in could data centre. The real-time fibre cut, power outage, server uptimes and network disconnection alarms are automatically generated via email and SMS system in order to maintain the escalation matrix.

Real-Time security and surveillance monitoring are done through IP based CCTV night vision cameras, smoke detector, humidity and temperature control system based on the microcontroller-based environmental control system. The hazard free with antistatic venial style with ground stripping is used in on the data centre and power room floor.

Moreover, online, ticketing system and network the monitoring system is in place for the proactive management of incident with a highly professional certified staff members working under the directorate of IT.

A business continuity plan is in place, in case of any fatal issue in the primary data centre the services will automatically be shifted to Virtual Television Networks Transmission Department (VTNTD).  Seamlessly, the Virtual University would be connected to outside internet world within no time.

Similarly, important user data is captain roaming profiles to cater to any disasters, the Data Centre has also complied with security and threat advisories received from time-to-time from Higher Education Commission (HEC) and other government Security Agencies.

The state-of-the-art ‘Data Centre’ was formally inaugurated by the Rector of the Virtual University of Pakistan, Naeem Tariq which was newly established at Head Office in Lahore.

In his video message, Rector VU congratulated the networking department for timely completion of the project. “While keeping its traditions, VU has established a data centre by using its own resources both of the manpower and financial for providing the best opportunity to the students to become them a role model for the country and the world”, he remarked, adding that “I am really proud that our officers and staff are committed day and night for achieving this milestone”.

While talking to Daily The Business about the Data Center, the spokesperson Virtual University of Pakistan said that this project was initiated five months ago with project cast of Rs 11million and with outmost efforts of networking department and around 380 men powers of dedicated professionals, the project was completed on time only in Rs 2.5 million.

The spokesperson said that the VU established this data centre having a firm believe in self-initiation and accomplishments of the project making an indelible mark in the IT and education sector.

The spokesperson highlighted that this the data centre is the nerve centre of the Virtual University and it’s another milestone achieved by the university.

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