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UVAS role in livestock remarkable

Varsity between 301-350 top Asian Universities as per QS Asian University Ranking 2018

By K A Mian

LAHORE: The University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore has acquired ‘Spot Test Kit’ for checking milk quality and handed it over to the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) to control loose milk supply in major cities especially in Lahore. The Higher Education Commission Islamabad has ranked the UVAS among top 10 universities in sport ranking for the country for 2015-16 while it has been ranked on the seventh position in men’s sports and eighth in women sports.

 “A total of 6850 students are getting an education in various programs out of which 20 PhD, 32 M.Phil and 20 under Graduates Programs in the university”.   

These views were expressed by UHS Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha in an exclusive interview with Daily The Business here the other day.

UVAS Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha giving an interview to Daily The Business.

He says with the help of this STK as many as 18 tests of milk could be analyzed on the spot. The VC says that unfortunately, unorganised dairies in Pakistan are 95 per cent while only five per cent are organised. “There is dire need to establish more dairies for the best quality of milk and compete with its citrine requirements for human life.”

“One thing is much painful to me that all dairy companies were established to provide milk and butter, cheese, cream, ice-cream, yogurt, etc while dairies are producing tea whitener which is prepared with the help of low-quality palm oil which is injurious to health,” Pasha said.

Similarly, due to lack of information among people about tea whitener and milk pack, it is being utilised in daily use and it’s unfit for human life. He maintained that it was mandatory to identify the blacklists who would supply unfit milk against the minimum standards that’s why milk suppliers were registered initially with their name of owner individually. It’s all responsibility of the PFA and luckily the services of its department have been expanded up to all districts level of the province, he explained.

The VC vowed the university has made an Act titled ‘Minimum Pasteurizing Act’ with the collaboration of the PFA to control the supply of loose milk. One of the supreme benefits of this act that loose milk supply will be minimised after a short period of time and its enforcement would implement stepwise after approval of it’s from the Provincial Assembly.

The university is providing free of the coast ‘Free Milk Testing’ services to the citizens of Lahore. The citizens should bring with them a milk sample in a disposable syringe and get it checked it within fifteen minutes to get results about adulteration gradients i.e. how much water quantity was mixed, urea, fat, etc. and whatever mixed.

Pasha states that the consumption of adulterated milk is causing cancer and is slow poison, especially for human life.

Pasha informs that the university is also facilitating people about checking meat quality test either it is fit for health or not. There are so many methods to check the meat while DNA base test is more common which is used in and its reports are issued on the same day.

The meat quality report can also analyze whether it was alive or dead animal’s meat and which kind of animal large and small, he said, adding the laboratories/diagnostic centres have been established at all district to check the meat quality by the Punjab Livestock and Dairy Development (L&DD).

The VC says that ‘Healthy and Traceable Meat’ for the public is the first-ever project of its kind which is successfully working in the metropolitan city of Lahore in Pakistan. This project was launched with the joint efforts of the university and L&DD Punjab which is providing antibiotic and hormone-free quality buffalo calf beef to the citizens through its ‘Mobile Meat Shop’ (MMS). The MMS helps the people to get quality traceable low cholesterol buffalo calf beef and help farmers to have easy access to the market, which is improving their economic status.

Moreover, the VC revealed that with the coordination of livestock production and Research Institution (LPRI) at Bahdra Abad of district Okara, the animals are carrying through a supply chain method before 15 days of slaughtering at the university’s farm.

Prof Pasha said buffalo calves are fattened before slaughtering and this can be a permanent earning source for farmers and also helps establish a quality beef value chain in the country. Through this project the university will be able to set an example for other industries/businesses to start such outlets to facilitate people/stakeholders of their respective areas, he adds.

Talking about new initiatives, he said now the university is going to launch camel milk for citizen and it will be brought from Cholistan area through seal processing method and to be supplied in the local market. The camel milk will be purchased directly from farmers through the Livestock department and a suitable price will be paid for their encouragement.

Discussing misconceptions about poultry meat, Pasha says these are mere misconceptions as there is no truth in them. “No steroids are added to the poultry feed and accelerated growth of the chicken is due to genetics. If you give same feed to Desi chicken, they will never grow like broilers,” he asserted.

Moreover, he explains a balanced feed is being given to broiler chicken as such food isn’t available for human. The VC emphasizing over the poultry feed formulations, said for accurate quantification of ingredients, especially the proteins and amino acids i. e animal nutrition, feed amino-acids, minerals, digestible amino-acids and vitamins) are included in feed preparation of poultry while a balanced feed made for poultry growth.

“Because all genetic (grandparent clock) are imported from the United States of America (USA), hardly five companies are working on the breed of genetics which is being supplied worldwide,” he added.

Cholistan UVAS at Bahawalpur_________Rs 2.395 billion PC-1 by PDWP 

Lauded the efforts of the Punjab government, the VC says new campus named the Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences at Bahawalpur and its PC-I amounting has been approved for the establishment of a new university. An amount of Rs2.395 billion has also been allocated by the Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP).

He said the provincial government has already allocated 1,000 acres of land in Bahawalpur for this new university and it is being established with the collaboration of two Turkish universities, “Selcuk University” and “Ankara University”.

The new university will have three faculties namely Bio-Sciences, Veterinary Sciences and Animal Production & Technology. It will have 18 departments and an institute of continuing education and extension.

It will also have teaching and research centres on Dairy Cattle, Beef Animals, Sheep and Goats, Camels, Poultry, Pet and Wildlife a Central Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, 16 departmental laboratories, veterinary teaching hospital, pet and wild animal hospital and computer labs along with the library, student-teacher centre, seminar rooms, auditorium, sports complex and staff and students residential facilities.

The news campus will be completed in June 2018 and the College of Veterinary Sciences of Islamia University Bahawalpur will move to this new facility, Pasha said. He said UVAS is establishing a training centre for biologics production for prevention of deadly hemorrhagic septicemia (HS), foot and mouth disease (FMD).

Dr Pasha said Pakistan is blessed with the best dairy buffalo breeds in the world and the university is focusing on the genetics improvement of this animal. He said UVAS is actively working on research and all laboratories have been equipped with the latest technology and highly trained human resource to provide the best training to university students and the latest clinical facilities to the poor farming community. The university has also a clinical facility centre which is providing its services for pet animals 24/7 and two ambulances have been deputed to respond to the animal’s related emergencies. A total of four vehicles has also been provided to the clinical centre for transportation in serious conditions of animals owing to their diseases.

The VC said the contribution of the livestock sector in the agrarian economy had increased in the gross domestic product (GDP) from 39 per cent to 56 per cent since 2002 which is much more than of 40 per cent of the agriculture. “Most of the landless farmers are associated with livestock because it’s fulfilling day to day necessities of people.”

Talking about ranking criteria, the VC says the HEC ranked the universities on the basis of overall results of intervarsity sports championships for 2015-16 in 30 categories of sports for men and 24 categories for women. “The UVAS got 682 points in men’s sports among 95 universities and 507 points in women’s sports among 47 universities of the country.”

Now the university with its marvellous history of 135 years of excellence has got its position among 301-350 top Asian universities as per QS Asia University Ranking 2018, he maintains.

Pasha affirmed that the university had already accredited with Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC) and now he wants to achieve another immediate target for accreditation of the UVAS with American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC), adding that he would achieve this target till 25th February 2018,”.


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