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Tourist economy

South Asia has again attained the position of a main tourist attraction. However, Pakistan lags behind its neighbours, particularly India whose tourism revenues have nearly doubled since 2010 to $28 billion in 2017.

On the other hand, ours revenues have remained stagnant during this period. India has nearly 70 percent share of South Asian tourism market of over $40 billion followed by Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Despite its amazing diversity and attractions, Pakistan has only 0.2 percent share of South Asian tourism and almost non-existent share of global tourism with receipts of only $875 million in 2017. Many countries have used different methods to create touristic allure.

Dubai and Turkey have used unique ways of converting their countries as a traveler stop over hub through their airlines. Emirates started it with its connections all over the world and transit visas for visitors to go through this country. More recently the growth of Turkish Airlines led to a big boost in Turkish tourism which started this effort in 2003.
Pakistan’s major security problems in the last two decades have been responsible for keeping tourists away. However, other countries like Sri Lanka which for years were beset with terrorism still managed better returns on tourism.

A very negative projection of Pakistan in the international media has really spoiled our country’s image with the result that international tourism has been nominal. During the last four years the security situation has improved considerably and tourism has picked up especially in the Northern Areas but nowhere near the potential of the country.

The government has made tourism a priority industry and is working on the strategy to develop a comprehensive tourism policy with the help of all stakeholders. Pakistan Tourism Summit was a good consultative forum for charting out a roadmap.

Pakistan is a case of a rich product but poor brand. Until the brand becomes rich and sought after no matter how good the product is, it will not attract huge tourist attention. The examples of India and China are relevant. India has been using “Incredible India” slogan to market itself and China “China as never before” are messages that the country has given about itself and what it stands for.

Pakistan needs to develop a theme that communicates its peace and beauty to the rest of the world. Our embassies have been in the habit of delaying information and visas. Now that the government has announced E-Visas for 170 countries, how is the system working? Do they get an immediate response or is it a delay? In a digital world what pops out gets the attention. The smart phone requires smart digital strategies. A great visual or place not going viral is nobody’s business.

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