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Teachers-parents interaction a must to achieve the goal of education for all: Prof Dr Nizam

Waseem-ur-Rehman Khan

In a thought-provoking, experience-based and comprehensive interview, renowned educationalist Prof. Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin, Pro-Rector, University of the Central Punjab (UCP) has suggested valuable suggestions for the improvement of our decades-old, fragile and directionless education system.
While talking to this scribe, Professor Dr Nizamuddin was highly optimistic about his educational plans which he has started implementing at modern and latest trends-based and prospective institution of University of Central Punjab (UCP).From the very beginning of the interview till its end, he was hopeful about the success of his plans to develop UCP as a successful and role-model institution, taking it from the status of 50 top universities of Pakistan to the position of top 50 universities of the world. He dilated upon his plans to bring in the latest ways of teaching and teachers training which he witnessed during his stay abroad and experiences in various universities of the country.
When he was asked about the chances of unified education system in the country, Prof Dr Nizamuddin outrightly rejected it, saying that such example exists only in the US and not in any country of the globe. However, he said that for this purpose public-private partnership is necessary. He was very much optimistic that a revolutionary change is a must to develop Pakistan and put it on the path of the developed countries.
Admitting the fact that we are far behind in education, particularly modern education, Prof Dr Nizamuddin suggested that without the teachers-parents regular interaction, it is a far cry to improve the performance of a student. He was optimistic to this level that even less-educated parents can bring some better results by remaining in contact with their son/daughter teachers. The parents-teachers society in the best solution in solving the education problems of our youth, he suggested. On the other side, he proposed the idea of developing parents-teachers society in order to improve our education system.
Regarding solution to the obsolete, fruitless and colonial need-based education system, Prof Dr Nizamuddin proposed that along with modern subjects Islamic teachings should be our ultimate goal. All subjects (Islamic and modern) should be included in the curriculum in order to achieve the desired results. He even suggested that our old Islamic system of education implemented in Spain and Iraq as the role model.
Being Pro-Rector of the UCP, when requested to throw some light on his plans and strategy being chalked out for the latest education system in UCP, Prof Dr Nizamuddin disclosed that he has proposed decreasing visiting faculties and having faculties in languages under one roof. For this purpose he has an idea to have continuous teachers’ development strategy.
Regarding the performance and success rate of the UCP students in IT and other modern and latest disciplines, he uttered with full confidence that they are in a very much better position as compared to other universities. About various faculties of his institution, he disclosed that Engineering faculties are in a better position. The worthy Pro-Rector of the UCP further pointed out that he is expanding all PhD programmes, particularly in business and media. At the same time he stated that stress has also being laid on languages, especially on Chinese and German, etc. To a query about any further programme in this connection, Prof Dr Nizamuddin proudly said that entrepreneurship development is his objective.
For the promotion of education among the youth, particularly the poor deserving students, he disclosed that UCP is offering more scholarships as compared to its competitors. In this regard, his stress was on kinship and Punjabians (Students of Punjab Group of Colleges) along with other facilities.
Regarding media development, Prof Dr Nizamuddin stated UCP has a media house, consisting of a FM radio along with a monthly magazine.
When asked that who inspired you in the education field as well as politics, he confidently replied that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the first Muslim leader who gave the idea to the Muslims to acquire western education, is his ideal in education. In politics his ideal is Nelson Mandela, a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, African National Congress (ANC) leader, and philanthropist, who has a long and historic freedom struggle to his credit.
At the end of interview when asked to inform about how he spend his leisure, his reply was that study is only his partner at that time.
When requested about the message he would like to give to the youth, his quick response was to love the country where they are born and brought up so that they could be able to take the helm of affairs in future.

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