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Shakeela Jabeen Qureshi

I Am Not An Obstacle

Shakeela Jabeen Qureshi  The spacious , splendid building of The Governor House Lahore was purchased during the British Raj with subsequent annexation of the Punjab province and was utilised as the residence for the British Lieutenant…

Where we smile

SHAKEELA JABEEN QURESHI A newborn human baby never knows which home, caste or creed he has seen light in. But every newborn baby becomes an authority over the scale that Natural forces serve out beauty, oneness among all human beings on…

Don’t tread on my toes

Shakeela Jabeen Qureshi Allah Almighty created universe not for the sake of universe but for man angels bowed before and who is entitled to conquer the universe. He simultaneously is honoured with a medal of supreme creature. In…

A Fettered We

Shakeela Jabeen Qureshi Man who told me even a single word stays teacher to me. Hazrat Ali R.A. Once we fall in value and dignity of this golden saying we won't be able to touch its bottom as learning process carries on with our life.…

Let’s secure our tomorrow

Shakeela Jabeen Qureshi A time will come when we will give loans to others. PM Imran Khan. The straightforward, genuine statement put my heart into ecstasy. Having come back from Saudi Arabia PM Imran Khan said this while addressing the…
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