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Sino-Pak friendship a bright example of mutual love: Askari

Chinese acting Consul General calls on CM


LAHORE: Acting Consul General of China in Lahore Mr Wang Daxue called on Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Dr Hasan Askari at the Chief Minister’s Office here on Tuesday.
Different matters of mutual interest including promotion of Pak-China relations and CPEC projects were discussed in the meeting.
Talking on the occasion, the CM said that Pak-China friendship is a bright example of peace, mutual love, cooperation and sentiments of affections adding that this friendship has fulfilled every test of time.
In fact, China is a trustworthy friend of Pakistan and Chinese leadership has always cooperated with Pakistan during difficult times.
He said that hearts of people of both the countries beat together.
China does not impose any condition for friendship as its friendship is based on the principle of “love-more.” That is why Pakistan China friendship has transformed into immortal relations and there is no example like Pakistan-China friendship in the present-day history of the world.
We are proud over friendship with China, he said.
He said the journey of brotherly relations between Pakistan and China comprised of many decades and the friendship between the two countries is an example of its own.
He said that Pakistan and China are intertwined in a strong bond of mutual respect, love and affections.
It is sanguine that Pakistan-China relations have now entered into an era of bilateral friendship; he said and added that people of Pakistan are proud over the trust and valuable economic cooperation of Chinese government. He said that friendship with China is a valuable asset for every Pakistani.
He said that China has always stood like a solid rock on political and diplomatic fronts with Pakistan.
Both Pakistan and China have a unanimous stance over various regional and international issues, he added.
He said that CPEC has given new dimensions to the friendship between the two countries and it has raised the bilateral relations to new heights.
He said that CPEC is the program of extraordinary development and progress which has altogether changed the economic-game of the region.
Dr Askari said that Xi Jinping has given a wonderful vision of one belt-one road which is a best program for interlinking various regions.
Acting Consul General said that Pakistan-China friendship and bilateral economic cooperation is growing with every passage of time and China is standing beside Pakistan in its journey of progress and prosperity.

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