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Sasta bazaars providing ease to masses in Ramadan

From Our Staff Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Under the spirit to ensure the supply of quality commodities, fruits and vegetables to the consumers at subsidized rates during the Holy month of Ramzan special Sasta Bazaars were set up in various major cities including twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
Special arrangements had been made by the administration to guarantee the quality and availability of utility products at prescribed price list at special bazaars to provide relief to the masses at grass root level.
Complaint cell were also established at every satsta bazaar where customers can register their grievances which would be addressed at the spot.
Despite all the efforts of local government citizens expressed mixed reaction regarding price, quality and availability of products.
While talking to mediamen Muhammad Shafiq a buyer expressed satisfaction over the arrangements and said that apart from daily-use items, fresh vegetables, fruits and meat were also be available at same place which save our time and energy during fasting.
He noticed that some of the venders were not following rate list and suggested that all venders at Ramzan bazaars should be bound to display the rate lists at a visible place at their sale points and administration should ensure the implementation of these lists.
Afiya Bibi a house wife, told that at some stalls B category vegetables and fruits were being sold at the rate of A category whereas many sellers were not following the rate list and making extra money.
She also complained about the non availability of some items and urged the administration to check the availability and prices of vegetables and ensure the availability of all items in Sasta bazaar.
Muhammad Mushtaq a fruit vendor in the Satsa Bazaar appreciated the arrangements by the administration and said that we are trying to provide best quality products to masses according to the rate list given by the administration to facilitate masses in the month of blessings.
He said profiteers and hoarders get active during the holy month of Ramzan and Sasta Bazar facilitated consumers by providing them essential items on subsidized rates under strict check and balance.

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