Sadia Imam claims to be lyricist of Rahat Fateh’s ‘Jia Dhadak Dhadak’

Talking about the songs, she shared that she is the lyricist of two popular songs sung by the legendary Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who rose to fame with the super-hit song of film Kalyug in India.

Imam said “Rahat and I are great friends. When I wrote the lyrics, I didn’t realise that it will turn out to be such a beautiful song after the composition.”

When asked why she was not given credit for the lyrics by host Waseem Badami, she said maybe because then they would have to pay her for it. “Rahat told me that Sadia Ji I can’t give you credits because he didn’t show in India that the lyrics were written by a Pakistani,” she explained.

The actor said she didn’t have any issues with it because she already gave him the song lyrics, it was up to the singer how he wanted to use it.

However, Imam praised the legend for acknowledging on-air many times that the song lyrics were written by her.

A quick internet search shows Sayed Quadri is the lyricist for  Jia Dhadak Dhadak Jaaye and Zindagi Yeh Safar Mein Hai’s lyrics are written by Sachin Gupta. Imam refuted this and reiterated that she is the original writer of both the songs.

Imam clarified that she does not blame Rahat for not giving her credits but at one point she raised her concerns. “I gave the lyrics to him and ethically if Rahat felt he should have acknowledged me for writing the song, it would have been great because the song would have remained on my credits forever.”

The Mai Aur Tum actor added that when you are given the first chance, you are likely to listen to those who are giving you an opportunity and that’s what Rahat did back then.

Sadia Imam claims to be lyricist of Rahat Fateh’s ‘Jia Dhadak Dhadak’
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