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Rice production to suffer in Sindh

By Our Staff Correspondent

KAFACHI: Rafique Suleman, Senior Vice Chairman, Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) has drawn the attention of Syed Murad Ali Shah, Chief Minister of Sindh towards the prevailing serious condition of rice export sector.
In a statement Monday, he said rice growers of Dadu, Larkana and other rice growing areas of the province were provided the water with the delay of 30-45 days. “We are afraid that due this reason, paddy will arrive very late and farmers will have to suffer huge losses. Al though every year there is some delay of 10-15 days but this year we observed too much delay,” he said.
Rafique urged Chief Minister Sindh to take notice of this delay. Further, due to this delay paddy crop will be available late for export purpose and will cause delay in catering our export orders which may hurt the image of rice exporters as well as our country. “We cannot get the good prices of our rice and we have to face difficulties in achieving our annual targets,” he said.
In addition, he also drew the attention of the Sindh government that in some areas there is ban on rice sowing. He also requested to grow rice in more areas, so that they become able to get extra crop and earn more foreign exchange for our country.
Rafique added that in this year, they observed that limit of moisture and chalky in rice were exceeding their normal limits and they had to run rice processing plants for extra hours, whereas they were already facing energy crisis.
He requested the concerned ministries of government to review the processing methods of rice and government should provide soft Islamic loans for purchase of latest rice plants, so that they can make value-addition in rice and get better prices.
During a recent meeting at TDAP, Rafique requested the government of Pakistan to install a Dryer on experimental basis funded by the government in any one or two rice mills proposed by REAP, so that after the success of this pilot project, more rice farmers will be able to get this facility on their rice processing area and government extend them soft Islamic loans for the installation of Dryer.
He complained that both the rice research institutes, i.e. Kala Shah Kaku (Punjab) and Dokri (Sindh) are not doing Research and Development (R&D) work in rice seeds and since last 10-15 years, there was no rice seed introduced by them.
However, “our member rice exporters are importing good quality Chinese hybrid rice seeds which have better results and more yields,” he said.

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