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Punjab Agri Expo-2018

Our beloved Pakistan is known to be a country with agricultural economy while its biggest province Punjab is internationally famous in rapid agricultural growth during the recent past.
Agriculture department developed horticulture, high value agriculture and rice sector now profitable, in short span of time by introducing novel and innovative techniques. Agriculture Department, Punjab has arranged an international exhibition in Lahore to promote the horticulture crops, vegetables and rice their products and market internationally.
Punjab AgriExpo 2018 was initiated under the title, the golden opportunity of investment for progress, on 23rd& 24th June 2018, at Expo Center, Johar Town Lahore. Punjab Agri Expo 2018 was inaugurated by Minister for Agriculture, Food, Planning & development Punjab SardarTanvirIlyas while Secretary Agriculture WasifKhurshid was also present at the occasion.
This trade conference was declared to be the first of its kind B2B event under Establishment of Model Farms Project to provide a joint platform to the agriculture community of Pakistan. This exhibition has not only opened doors for the development of Horticulture products of Pakistan by their import to international markets but also for the market linkage at national and international levels for cultivators, national and international companies, processors, importers and exporters.
The basic aims of exhibition were to introduce the country as a heaven of profitable investment for agri business through international trade and to initiate meaningful discussions amongthe stake holders of progressive thinking regarding the prosperous future of agriculture trade.
More than 25 foreign companies involve in agri business setup stalls at Punjab Agri Expo, 2018 and Ambassadors of Nigeria, Bellerose, Kargizstan also participated in this expo. Experts from more than 40 countries were also participated in even while more than 100 stalls were set at this event.
The target groups of Expo were importers & exporters, cultivators, whole sales men, distributers, retailers, input suppliers, associates, and financial institutions. During Punjab Agri Expo 2018, visitors acknowledged the right pieces of information regarding fresh fruits & vegetables, flowers, plants, freshly plucked products, organic products, dry fruits/vegetables/flowers, processed fruits and vegetables like value added products, herbals, Spices, packaging materials, transport/logistics, farm machinery, processing machinery, seed/planting material, fertilizer/insecticides, irrigation system, storage, recycling, quality control, marketing/market research, consultation, technical services and innovative techniques of agriculture.
Some important products, which are easily available throughout country, were also added in Expo as the King of fruits Mango was presented as value addition.
All the necessary elements and necessities were brought into the light according to the national and international conditions during the activities of Expo to develop a long term policy for the development of cultivation and exports in the horticulture sector. It is rightly reckoned that when the international horticulture market is not stable, an agricultural paradise Pakistan has gained so much other than international partnerships and business opportunities because of Punjab Agri Expo, 2018.
Further adding, by taking advantage of this opportunity, we can benefit from the profitable sector of horticulture and help it grow further with leading innovation.
In letter and spirit of the vision of prosperity by investment, Punjab Agri Expo B2B Mission will help increase the scope of National Trade and this event will create strong business relationships between the local cultivators and foreign investors and hence will open new opportunities for investment on an international level.
The Agriculture Department has also designed a one top solution model to cater the prevailing issues in the field. Another specialty of the Punjab Agri Expo 2018 is that this event helped in the trade of preserved fresh and processed fruits and vegetables and increases the economy of the largest province of Pakistan.
This one of a kind event will promote the horticultural products and helps create international trading relations between the stakeholders with the help of vast media coverage and an exciting exhibition of products and services throughout the world.
The international business community can also benefit from this expo as it provide the venue astronomic profitability through B2B and B2C dealings and provides the stakeholders with the information about the benefits related to investing in the field of horticulture in Pakistan from which the Local business community can also gain international exposure while representing our country at a vast scale of opportunities in front of the huge business community from all around the world.
Participating in this Prime Exhibition also helps create a positive corporate image and also create the perfect platform to advertise the local businesses on an international level with the promise to deliver countless opportunities for trade relations. Care-taker Minister for Agriculture, Food, Planning & Development Punjab appreciated Secretary Agriculture Punjab WasifKhurshid and his team for organizing such a mega event that was helpful in promotion of Pakistani Agricultural product world-wide level and it also make Pakistan image better internationally.
The writer is the Director
Agriculture Information, Punjab

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