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PSPA hails Zaidi appointment as FBR chief

From Our Staff Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Steel Pipeline Industry Association (PSPA) Chairman Khalid Jahangir Butt has said the appointment of Syed Shabbar Zaidi as chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has enhanced the trader community trust.
Butt said, with Zaidi appointment, there is a hope that the government will take assistance of the trader community in improving economy and tax net rather than harassing it.
He said this in a statement here on Friday. The chairman said no doubt Shabbar Zaidi is an expert of his field and he has also received award twice for being regular in tax paying. He hoped that now the government will take help of the trader community to improve tax net instead of harassing it.
Butt said the trader community has faced a tough time during the past nine months of the ruling government. The FBR, instead of taking traders into confidence, took them as enemy of the economy. He said, following the FBR treatment, a large number of workers have been deprived of their jobs and small industry is taking its last breath.
Appreciating Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision, he said the decision has instilled a new hope in the trader community. He said the newly appointed chairman has realization that traders are backbone in the revival of the national economy.

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