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Profit repatriation from Pakistan rises to $1.77bn in 10 months

KARACHI: Outflow of profits and dividends from the country has increased to $1.773 billion in the first 10 months of FY18, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) reported on Friday.

The inflow of foreign investments is not much higher than the payments being made on them, thus creating a serious problem for the country as it struggles to contain its reserves.

The SBP said the country has received $2.237bn as foreign direct investment (FDI) during July-April FY18 while payments on FDI were $1.521bn, compared to $1.234bn in the same period of last fiscal year.

The net outflows during the 10 months of FY18 stood at 16.6 per cent higher than the previous year, indicating that the figure could reach $2bn in the remaining two months.

Economic Affairs Division posted details showing that the government has borrowed $9.6bn during July-April in foreign loans, 65pc more than last year. Borrowing from commercial banks was also twice as much compared to the last year.

The report further said the highest outflow was noted from oil and gas exploration at $199.8 million compared to FDI of $165m during the period under review.

The food sector also showed a somewhat similar trend with payments on FDI at $195m as against $101.6m inflows.

The outgoing government was unable to reverse the discouraging inflows trend despite the emergence of China as the biggest investor in the country.

The power sector, which is the main focus of China in the country, received highest FDI worth $750m while the payments on FDI were recorded at $180m during the ten months. Out of this total, $176.3m were paid for the investments in thermal power sector which received just $18m in FDIs during this period.

Communication sector presented a different picture altogether as the payments on FDI were higher but the sector did not receive any foreign investments during FY18; instead a disinvestment was noted. Payments on FDI were $168m whereas disinvestment was $39m in the same period.

The chemical sector, on the other hand, received FDI worth $10m but the payments on FDI were $87m.

Improvement was noticed in the financial sector as inflows amounted to $271m versus $179m outflows. In construction, $561m were received compared to just $1.8m payments.

In the wake of a $14bn current account deficit during the 10 months of 2017-18, outflow of every dollar is important for the country. The outgoing government has failed to raise money through Eurobonds during FY 18.

However, recently the SBP governor said that the country is willing to borrow from China instead of approaching International Monetary Fund for any bailout package. Sources in financial institutions said Pakistan has been borrowing mostly through either Chinese banks or their government.

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