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Police fails to recover businessman’s dead body, arrest murderers

Mian Saqib Latif still missing

By Waleed Bin Imran

LAHORE: Neither the dead body nor the murderers of famous businessman and owner of Al-Buraq Food Chain and Departmental Store Mian Saqib Latif could be found even after a lapse of more than a month of his missing.
Mian Saqib was allegedly murdered by his wife and children with the help of his in-laws on May 5 in his own house.
As per details provided by the family sources, on the persuasion of in-laws, Saqib’s children were demanding him to transfer the registration of his property to their name. Saqib was murdered when he refused to do so.
According to Saqib’s relatives, they received a call from Saqib’s children on May 9 and his children informed them that Saqib was missing since May 5. Abdullah, 18, the eldest son of Saqib filed an FIR against some unidentified people for kidnapping his father on May 6 within the jurisdiction of Samanabad Police limits. Saqib was a resident of Mozang whereas he had his departmental store in Samanabad. This led Saqib’s relatives to suspicion as they were already aware of the kind of terms Saqib had with his family.
The relatives along with policemen went to a plaza nearby Saqib’s house where there was a CCTV camera installed to check when Saqib last left his home. When the footage was seen, it was found that four men entered Saqib’s house in the night between May 5 and 6, the sources said.
One of the men was Saqib’s brother-in-law and the other three were his companions. The men came out after around 40 minutes and loaded a sack with something in it in the trunk of Abdullah’s car who is the eldest son of Saqib. All of them then drove away, they said.
It was said that Saqib’s family somehow got to know that his relatives, along with police were checking the CCTV footage of plaza and within 30 minutes of that, not only Saqib’s family but his in-laws ran away as well which made Saqib’s relatives to believe that their beloved has not been kidnapped but murdered by his own family.
Mian Shabib Latif, the elder brother of Saqib filed an FIR against Saqib’s family and in-laws for murdering his brother.
According to Saqib’s relatives, SSP Investigation Asad-ur-Rehman kept using delaying tactics to make Saqib’s relatives let the case go.
Police efficiency was not reliable so after some struggle, Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) took up the case and arrested two of the four men.
It was said that during the course of investigations, the arrested men happened to be secondary murderers. But the information provided by them proved to be of great use as they not only admitted their crime, but also confirmed that Saqib was murdered by his family with the help of his brother-in-law. They also revealed that after killing Saqib, they carried his body in his own car and threw it in Jumbar canal near Patoki. Abdullah then drove back and parked the car at Saqib’s departmental store.
CIA has now started conducting raids for the arrest of the nominated murderers but none of them could yet be found. Whereas the dead body of Mian Saqib could still not be found. Mian Shabib Latif even hired a private company of scuba divers from Mangla Dam when Rescue 1122 failed to find his brother’s body. The company carried out a search operation in the canal but of no use.
Shabib also requested to Secretary Irrigation Department to stop the water in Jumbar canal so that search operation could be carried out more efficiently and throughout the canal but he refused to cooperate.
Finding no other way, the deceased’s relatives turned to Supreme Court Registry, Lahore and requested Chief Justice Saqib Nisar to especially look into the matter and do justice with them. “CJP Saqib Nisar’s response was very humble, he calmly listened to the whole matter, gave us hope and asked us to pay his regards to SSP Investigation and request him on his behalf to be cooperative”, the deceased relatives said.
Saqib’s nephew and his close friend who has been pursuing the case while exclusively talking to Daily The Business about his uncle’s murderers and in-laws, said “The murderers of my uncle are influential people. They do not have any actual business. They scare and threat people to illegally take over their land and sell it out to someone else. They also are close friends of a SSP and a DIG whose father stands for elections of provincial assembly and the murderers are among his supporters. They also are the owner of BNN. They also have their pictures with influential people on their social media accounts. Israr, one of the two brothers-in-law of Saqib, came to threat my other uncle Shabib. They were two people and they had their faces covered but my uncle recognized Israr’s eyes. Israr pointed a pistol on my uncle’s head and threatened him to take the case back or the same would happen to him what they did to his brother.”
The Investigation Officer of CIA Rana Akram who is handling the case while exclusively talking to Daily The Business said, “We have found during our investigation that Saqib was murdered by his wife and children with the involvement of his in-laws. We have found strong evidences against the alleged culprits and they will try their level best that they arrest them during the Eid holidays.
When SSP Asad-ur-Rehman was contacted to take his version, it was found that he has gone to perform Umrah.

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