PINS undertakes 8,000 neurosurgery annually: Prof Dr Khalid Mehmood  

Around 100 head injuries patients treated in emergency daily, vows to protect Pakistani youth; PINS Executive Director

By K A Mian

LAHORE: The Punjab Institute of Neurosciences (PINS) has been undertaking over 8,000 elective and neurosurgery operations every year and this is one of the highest number of surgeries compared to any other such institutions around the globe.

PINS is one of the greatest and major institute of neurosurgeries or neurosciences not only for Pakistan but also for the subcontinent.

The PINS was established in 2018 as a state-of-the-art institution of the first neurosurgery in Pakistan as well as in the subcontinent where all advance and country’s best facilities are available under the one roof.

A renowned and most experienced British trained Neurosurgeon, Executive Director of Punjab Institute of Neurosciences (PINS), Prof Dr Khalid Mehmood expressed these views while exclusively talk to Daily The Business here on other day.

PINS Executive Director Prof Dr Khalid Mehmood talking to Daily The Business.

The PINS deals in 10 different disciplines including Neurosurgery, Neurology, Neurophysiology, Neuropathology, Paeds Surgery, Spinal Surgery, Anaesthesia, Radiology and Speech Therapy all under one roof in a 10 storey purpose built building. The facilities include four Neurosurgery Units (50-bed each), three High Dependency Units (three-bed each), a state-of-the-art spinal unit (the only such facility in public sector), 10 well equipped modern operation theatres in which two dedicated for emergency, a skill lab and conference room with a capacity to accommodate 500 guests.

As many as 500 patients are examined in OPDs daily from all Pakistan, apart from 100 patients of emergency every day, out of which, the maximum patients are associated of head injuries. The statistic reveals that above 80 percent of road traffic accident patients are carried out in emergency of teenagers or breed winner of the family. Around eight to 10 patients among total have been got seriously head injuries those who need to urgent need of surgery/operation

Unfortunately, our people of society are promoting this envisage culture unluckily, such as most of the mothers encourage their children for driving a motorbike to bring some eatables or necessities of life from markets which ultimately meet an accidents. In this regard, Traffic Police should keep strong check and balance to control the traffic rules violation. The Government of Pakistan should also explore the factors that would be effective in overcoming of traffic rules violation and extenuation of increasing numbers of road traffic crashes in the country,” he said, maintaining that without strict enforcement of traffic laws, it would be impossible to control the situation as well as to reduce the road traffic crashes.

“Road traffic accidents are leading cause of traumatic brain injury, need to take preventing steps”

 He also evoked that traffic related education should be a part syllabus of school education to aware the people to prevent the traffic accidents. An above all only education which can be brought change in behaviour of the citizen towards prevention of road traffic injuries, besides resolve the road engineering issues across Pakistan on top priority.

Punjab Institute of Neurosciences (PINS), Executive Director Prof Dr Khalid Mehmood talking to Daily The Business. 

Moreover, the PINS has been dealing with around 8,000 operations of neurosurgeries of brain and spinal which is considered the highest numbers of surgeries among world best neurosurgery institutions.

“The neurosurgery is considered the most expensive all over the world in which a patient have to stay in hospital for many consecutive days a week as compare to others types of the surgery. In is pertinent to mention here that most of the patients of neurosurgeries are totally free treated including initially facilities of CT scans, surgery treatment, and indoor medicines in PINS,” Mehmood added.

Similarly, in private sector a normal neurosurgery is charged over Rs0.5 million from each patient. Whereas, The PINS provides a CT scan of any patients within 15 minutes, whereas in case of emergency it could be repeated many times free of cast, whereas some time it could be negligible charged the patients and the price which is being paid against scan by the people is the lowest price from all private setup especially from private hospital with significant results.

Likewise, the MRI (1.5 &3Tesla) is also done freely as compared to private sector, where a simple MRI (0.5 Tesla) is being charged around Rs13000. Likewise a very little dues only Rs 2,500 are charged from all stable outdoor patients for MRI test which couldn’t be charged from all deserving patients.

Punjab Institute of Neurosciences, Lahore General Hospital.

Prof Khalid Mahmood has served in British for a decade at various positions from senior house officer to senior registrar. During this period he gained expertise in the fields of endoscopic brain surgery, Deep Brain stimulation, minimal invasive brain tumors surgery, complex spinal and endoscopic disc surgery and minimal invasive brain tumors surgery. He is also known as pioneer of Deep Brain Stimulation technique for Parkinson’s disease. After final certification and being eligible to work as consultant Neurosurgeon in UK, he opted to return to Pakistan in 1999 to serve the people of Pakistan. He is now teaching and training as Professor of Neurosurgery in Postgraduate Medical Institute/Ameer-ud-din Medical College and Lahore General Hospital Lahore in Public Sector.

He stated that the Department of Neurosurgery General Hospital Lahore has been playing a leading role in neurosurgery in Pakistan for over 50 years and has contributed enormously to the development of Neurosurgery across country. The PINS is the most prestigious and sought-after academic position in the country with the largest number of Neurosurgery trainees.

He expressed that over 100 neurosurgeons including house officer have been serving in PINS of whom 400 doctors who had registered in Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeon (PSN).

The greatest blessing of moments for the PINS were those when government decided to declare it autonomous body. One of the major benefits of autonomous body in which the PINS management would be able to take decision independently along with all others affairs of hospital like procurement due to its dedicated and spate budget. Resultantly, the speed of the works would definitely be enhanced, building maintenance, purchasing its utilities and procurement.

In connection with ‘World Brain Day’ was dedicated to raising awareness for the most common brain disease in the world—migraine. While taking about the migraine, Head of Punjab Institute of Neurosciences (PINS) said that pain in the half head (migraine) can take over all the head and eyes in case of being severe and it should be taken seriously.Prof Mehmood pointed out that every 7th citizen is the patient of this disease and everyone should give importance to this problem from the day one. He said that as compare to the male, females are more patients of migraine and it is needed that media and doctors should play their role in creating awareness among masses on this sensitive topic.

While talking about the causes of migraine Dr Mehmood told that in-balance diet, noise pollution, irritating lights, distorted conversation, neck pain, depression and allergy from any edible are included. He said that women are of the habit not to take notice of pain in the half head immediately and this problem increase with the passage of time which ultimately results in the threat to the life. He stated that in male community smoking and alcohol are the main causes of migraine and such patients will have to avoid such habits immediately. While talking about the symptoms of migraine, he vowed that an attention should be given to weakness in one leg or arm and vision complications. He said that the patient of migraine is unable to work properly for some hours or one or two days due to weakness and it is needed that immediate CT Scan or MRI be conducted for the patient so that clear diagnosis could be surfaced and proper treatment be started, as well.

“Road traffic injuries are now the main cause of head injuries, need to take serious measures for its prevention”

Prof Dr Khalid Mahmud advised that patients of migraine should take care of their breakfasts properly and should not start their day without having proper food. They should not rely on taking tea and coffee and similarly avoid such foods having amino acid which mostly prevails in mead, cheese, coke, peanut and chocolate so such foods should be avoided. He asserted that immediate treatment should be started so that other complications could be avoided. Prof Mehmood suggested for the patients of migraine to check up their blood pressures regularly and save themselves from the quacks by taking medical care from the regular doctors.

Punjab Institute of Neurosciences (PINS), Executive Director Prof Dr Khalid Mehmood talking to Daily The Business.

In his message, Prof Dr Khaild Mehood urged that in case of any serious complications, emergency or diseases associated, people should immediately visit the PINS without wastage time. “The PINS has been providing state-of-the-art best facilities to patients without any discrimination”. He emphasized that the institutions are not made by the buildings but collective efforts and team work play pivotal role in this regard. Prof Mehmood also urged that PINS and Lahore General Hospital would leave no stone unturned to extent full cooperation the best medical care to the patients.

SPECIAL EDITION -Punjab Institute of Neurosciences (PINS), Executive Director Prof Dr Khalid Mehmood Interview published on 30th July, 2019 in Daily The Business.
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