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Pasteurization only solution to end milk adulteration: PFA DG retired Captain Usman

E-paper 3-15

By Jahangir Hayat

LAHORE: Pasteurization is the only solution to the elimination of milk adulteration. In order to ensure provision of the pasteurized milk to the citizens, survey teams have been constituted that will visit door-to-door in order to collect facts and opinion of the citizens for the implementation of the project besides the teams are also providing awareness to citizens about the pasteurization.

This was stated by PFA Director General retired Captain Muhammad Usman while talking to Daily The Business on the sidelines of an interactive session with the Lahore Economic Journalists  Association (LEJA) at his office on Thursday.
Raw milk contains germs of various fatal diseases and theses germs never die even after boiling the milk, the PFA Director General said explaining that, “Water is included in the milk to increase quantity and that very adulterated and contaminated milk may cause stomach disorders in elders and serious health hazards in infants and children whose basic diet is milk.
He believed that a number of other harmful elements are mixed with the adulated milk to thicken, maintain colour, pH level, consistency while other harmful ingredients including melamine, soap, detergent and hydrogen peroxide to increase quantity, enhance smoothness and foaming in milk to preserve and prevent the milk from early expiration.

Urea containing milk is quite harmful, especially for the pregnant women, children and sick individuals, Usman said adding that the presence of urea above the upper limit in milk can cause severe health
problems, including indigent ions, acidity, ulcer, cancer, malfunctioning of kidneys and osteoporosis. Urea adulated milk is detrimental especially for the young girls as it hastens the process of puberty.
He added that the toxicity of melamine cause urinary stones in children who consumed melamine tainted.

“The addition of ammonium sulphate leads to a greater increase in apparent protein content and ammonium sulphate intoxication after indigestion may have potential adverse effects on respiratory, gastrointestinal system and the skin, he informed, adding that oral consumption of detergent may cause nausea, vomiting, hyper salivation, respiratory distress and seizure in children, the PFA DG informed.
He added further that formalin in the milk can cause vomiting diarrhoea, abdominal pain, decreased body temperature, shallow respiration, week irregular pulse, memory loss, insomnia, unconsciousness and blindness due to damage to the optic nerve.
Usman underscored that if exceeds from limited quantity its adverse reaction include irritation of the gastrointestinal tract along with other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, haematemesis and foaming at the mouth, sinus teacycardia, lethargy, confusion, coma, convulsion, cardio respiratory arrest, shock and finally death.
When asked how to tackle the milk adulteration, he said that Pasteurization is the only solution to the problem. “Pasteurization is such a process by which the milk is boiled on a specified temperature which for sure purified the milk of the fatal diseases. The process will not only kill the germs of the diseases but also improves the shelf value of the milk,” the DG added.

He said that in order to ensure germs free milk the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has planned to impose ban on the raw milk onward from 2022.

After 2022 the pasteurized milk will be provided at the doorstep of consumers in the light of survey results conducted by the authority. A
comprehensive plan concerning the availability of healthy and pure milk has been entered in the final stage under the pilot project of milk pasteurization, the PFA DG held, saying that PFA would spread this project across the city after executing from one area of the city
to other areas.
The sale of loose milk would be completely banned by 2022, he said explaining that the packaging standards of pasteurized milk have been determined while PFA will complete legalisation about the milk supply vehicles before the end of December 2019.
“It is easy to keep an eye on a few hundred pasteurized units as compared to thousands of milk selling points. Pasteurization is the only solution to the elimination of milk adulteration from Punjab. The teams would go door-to-door for a survey and to remain in the field from 9am to 3pm,” he added.
Muhammad Usman said that in order to ensure provision of pasteurized milk by 2022 to the citizen a comprehensive plan has been sketched and teams constituted to conduct survey which is visiting door-to-door in order to make this project a success and gave awareness to citizens about the pasteurization. Informative literature are also being distributed among the people by the teams, the PFA DG stated.
When asked what was the public reaction upon the idea of provision of the pasteurised milk, Usman said that citizens have appreciated the authority for taking initiatives of public interest. The survey would be conducted in the other areas of the city one-by-one.
“Initially the survey is being conducted in the Township are. The PFA in collaboration with Livestock Department is conducting a survey to assess the consumption for pasteurized milk. The pasteurized milk would be supplied in those areas where people would show more interest in this project, he spoke.
The execution of the pasteurization law is the only solution to stop the supply of adulterated milk and the sale of loose milk would be completely banned in Punjab after the year 2022 as per the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, he concluded.

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