Passenger from whom 4600 bullets recovered identified as Pakistani shooter

1 – Mohsin Nawaz won National Rifle Association (NRA) Championship Long Range for first time for Pakistan last year

2 – He is sent to jail on judicial remand

Jahangir Hayat

LAHORE: The passenger from whom over 4600 bullets of various caliber and size and 800 empty cases of bullets were recovered, has been identified as Pakistan shooter, Mohsin Nawaz who won the National Rifle Association (NRA) Championship Long Range for the first time for Pakistan last year.


Yesterday (Wednesday late night) it was reported that Customs Lahore Preventive foiled a bid to smuggle heavy ammunition from the Allam Iqbal International Airport.

It was said that at around 5 am early in the morning, three suspected mishandled handcarry bags pertaining to Flight EK 622 were taken into custody by customs staff which were left on belt by some unscrupulous passenger.

On examination, 4600 bullets of different caliber/size and 800 Empty cases of bullets were recovered, it was added.

It was said that ammunitions were seized and criminal proceedings were initiated.

Shooter, Mohsin Nawaz, who hails from Faisalabad, is said to have won the National Rifle Association (NRA) Championship Long Range for the first time for Pakistan was arrested for bringing with him the objectionable ammunition.

The NRA Championship which took place in the USA featured a total of 476 shooters who competed in a range of 600 yards.

Mohsin bagged 1st position in the Masterclass.

Sources said that when Mohsin was investigated as what made him to bring in with him such the objectionable quantity of bullets, he said that as a professional shooter he was allowed to carry with him the bullets for his practice purposes from the US he was misled by the impression that in Pakistan also it is allowed for the sportsmen to carry their tools with him.

This is why he did not consider it crime in Pakistan same as it is not a crime in the US.

It is also disclosed that once he forgot his luggage at the Airport he was informed by the airport authorities and he returned to the Airport from his home to collect his luggage but was held by the customs authorities.

Today (Thursday) Mohsin Nawaz, has been sent on judicial remand and it is expected that in a day or two he may be free on bail.


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