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Pakistan’s Defence Day and upcoming security challenges

The people and Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are going to celebrate the 53rd Defence Day on September 6 with a renewed commitment and ray of hope.
The day remembered in the history of armed forces as a victorious day when our soldiers fought fearlessly against Indian forces in 1965 and pushed them back from Pakistani territory from at least three fronts.
Three border battles between Pakistan and India, Afghan war against Russian invasion in the 1980s and then post-September 2001 scenario involving ongoing war against terrorism in the tribal belt stretching along Afghan-Pak border have eventually labialized the country with high-profile security zone around the globe.
Our armed forces first got involved in battles with forever enemy India and then came across with US-imposed Russian war and war against terrorism in Afghanistan. The internal fighting in tribal areas proved to be more devastating for the nation compared to external battles.
On the one hand this US-imposed war targeting Taliban, Daesh and other militant groups in both Pakistan and Afghanistan activated and engaged our armed forces in heavy exercises, but on the other hand, made Indians strongly realised to stay away from any border conflict.
If we minutely analyze the border situation of the country, the situation is not welcoming.
The tense border situation with neighbouring states India and Afghanistan is a continuous headache for our foreign policymakers and Pakistan Army. The average relations with Iran also troubles Pakistan in terms of friendly relations.
The only ‘secured’ border up to the great extent is China who has already invested in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and aims to pursue One Road One Belt goal to capture world business markets.
Since the Modi-led government took over the reins, the Indian army has been striking hard against Pakistani border residents living along with Punjab and Azad Kashmir borders.
So many casualties, injuries and infrastructural damage on Pakistani side eventually led Pakistani forces to repulse attacks of similar nature.
And if the situation at Pak-Afghan border is to be minutely examined the horrible picture haunts us.
The terrorists backed by foreign intelligence agencies had been attacking Pakistani military check-posts and causing human loss. Time and again shelling also takes place between Pakistan and Iran though not of intense nature.

[bs-quote quote=”The battles and wars with territorial limits are easy to face, sustain and conclude, but undefined and unidentified combats with unseen enemies are hard to conquer.” style=”default” align=”left” author_name=”Muhammad Faisal Ali Ghumman” author_job=”Country Editor” author_avatar=”https://thebusiness.com.pk/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Faisal.jpg” author_link=”https://twitter.com/alfaysal77″][/bs-quote]

The battles and wars with territorial limits are easy to face, sustain and conclude, but undefined combats with unseen enemies are hard to conquer.
Unfortunately, our armed forces have been baffling with an unlimited army of hidden enemies who are being supported by external enemies like India and Afghanistan.
No doubt it is an established fact that our armed forces have always proved their mettle in external and internal security conflicts and are making good names in fighting competitions at foreign destinations.
But side-by-side, our security forces-both military and civil- need to identify the potential hidden enemy with a better strategy if Pakistan wants to get rid of foreign-funded terrorist networks in the long run.
The two parallel wars at borders and inside Pakistan’s territory demands from the military and civil security institutions to change security paradigm in the nation’s favour.
The recent cancellation of $300 million under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) by the Trump administration is an eye-opener for Pakistan and leads us to the foregone conclusion that the US-favoured war against terrorism is replaced with Pakistan’s own independent policy to tackle the menace.
It’s time for the newly-formed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf government and Pakistan Army to reaffirm the commitment to get rid of internal and external threats by consolidating the country’s defence so that no one could even think of attacking or damaging the Islamic Democratic Republic. Let’s hope the rulers, the nation and Pakistan Army would remember the September 6’s successful defence against India.

The writer is Country Editor Daily The Business and Ex-Reporter Daily Dawn

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