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Pakistan faces billion dollar liability in London court

ISLAMABAD: The government is facing billion dollar liability in London International court based on documented corruption of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. According to detail, government of Pakistan and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) are facing an international court liability in London of over One Billion US Dollars arising from a government contract to assist in locating corrupt assets of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and many of his PML-N colleagues, including former members of the Cabinet.
Broadsheet LLC, a UK company, that was staffed by investigators from the UK and the US and which was hired in 2000 by the then Federal Government and NAB to assist in the hunt for the billions of dollars corruptly stolen and hidden by Sharif, his family and his cohorts around the world. A hearing on the quantum of damages that Pakistan and NAB must pay to Broadsheet is set to being in London on July 16.
After several years of successfully locating millions of dollars of corrupt assets for repatriation back to the Government of Pakistan, the Broadsheet contract was abruptly terminated, apparently for political purposes. The legal dispute ultimately was submitted to mandatory arbitration at an international court in London.
In August 2016, Sir Anthony Evans QC, a retired High Court of Appeal Judge in the UK and sitting as a specially-appointed arbitrator, ruled that the govt and NAB had unlawfully breached the Broadsheet contract, and later had engaged in an unlawful “civil conspiracy” to deprive Broadsheet of its rights under the contract. A filing by Broadsheet in the arbitration case established that Pakistan must pay at least $700m in actual damages, plus the potential of several hundred millions more in punitive damages because of the conspiracy ruling.
The damages are based, in part, on a forensic report by the world famous StrozFreiberg firm, which analyzed the JIT Report to the SC in the P

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