Over Rs 60 billion scam by Customs officers: Wistleblower director Internal Audit transfered as punishment

M Jahangir Hayat

LAHORE: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Friday transfered the wistleblower, director of Customs Internal Audit Lahore who pursued gold cases involving revenue loss over Rs 60 billion in which FTO recommended disciplinary and criminal proceedings against senior custom officers.

Sources said that the Director of Lahore Customs Internal Audit has been transferred and posted as Collector Adjudication Faislabad under the expectation that the officer’s exit from Internal Audit will help FBR succeed in its move to abolish Internal Audit through an allegedly illegal SRO.

As per details, after Daily The Business ran a story on the mega Rs 60 billion revenue loss scam detected by the Customs Internal Audit in the gold cases and abolition of the Lahore and Karachi Internal Audit Directorates in consequence, sources informed, in the reaction to the news story an extra ordinary meeting was convened in FBR on the issue where chairman FBR and member Customs operations were present and a decision was taken to punish the Lahore Internal Audit director Dr Akhtar Hussain who detected revenue losses worth billions caused by senior customs officers.
The sources said that in the meeting it was decided to dislocate the director from the post of director Internal Audit and post him as collector Adjudication Faislabad. As a result FBR on the same day has notified transfer of the director instead of taking action against the Member custom operations
and his adies who unlawfully abolished the Lahore and Karachi Internal Audit Directorates.
The sources said that the Customs officers who are involved in the corrupt practices have first managed to remove the Internal Audit through an illegal SRO and then transfered  the director who detected mega scam of multi millions.
The sources said that FBR is hijacked by a powerful mafia and an outsider chairman like Syed Mohammad Shabbar Zaidi who is unfamilar with the mafias’ intriguing devices has become a puppet in their hands who can do anything legal or illegal.
The sources added further that it is the initial stage of the scam that can touch an unbelievable level in terms of revenue lost.

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