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No power can stop Kashmiris from getting freedom: Governor

By Ghulam Hussain

LAHORE: No power can stop Kashmiris from getting freedom. This was stated by Governor Punjab Ch Mohammad Sarwar at the 1st ‘Internationl Sikh Convention’ hosted by Ch Sarwar at the Governor House Lahore on Saturday.
Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Peer Noor-ul-Huq Qadri, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Naeem-ul-Huq, Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, Provincial ministers and UK, USA, Canada and European-based Sikh Yatrees in large number attended the convention.
Speaking on the occasion, Governor Punjab Ch Muhammad Sarwar said that India might attempt a mischief to sabotage the formal inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor but we will foil every plan and conspiracy of India.
He said Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate the Kartarpur Corridor Project in November and countdown has begun for India and InshAllah no power can stop Kashmiris from getting freedom, he added.
He said that even today if India shows seriousness, both countries can solve issues through dialogues but India is acting otherwise.
The governor said that Islam and Baba Guru Nanak both preach equality and love in humanity.
In India not only Muslims but Sikhs and other minorities are also facing atrocities of Modi, he stated. On the occasion of Baba Guru Nanak’s 550 birthday celebrations, all the facilities including foolproof security will be provided to Sikh Yatrees, he informed. The Governor said in Naya Pakistan according to vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan minorities are enjoying every fundamental human rights in Pakistan, he said.
He said that 80 percent work on the Corridor has been completed and the agricultural land of Baba Guru Nanak will not be used in any commercial activity.
Baba Guru Nanak Railway Corridor from Nankana Sahib to Kartarpur is also near completion, while Gurduwara Sucha Suda Road is also being completed and the framework of Lahore Safe City Authority would also be stretched to Nankana Sahib, he told. Governor said that on this occasion it is pertinent to mention Kashmir, we are standing united for Kashmiri people and today in India even opposition parties are mentioning the atrocities in Kashmir, they are being subjected to barbaric atrocities, Governor said
He said that we should rise above the religion to help the Kashmiris.
He said in the 70 years history of Pakistan, in the Governor House Lahore, first ‘International Sikh Convention’ is taking place. He said that under the leadership of Imran khan all the minorities residing in Pakistan are getting all the facilities and rights according to the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Sikhs and other minorities’ children are as dear to us as our own kids. Referring to his stay in England, the Governor said that in England I was a minority and I can better know the feelings of minorities and until the day I am sitting in Governor House, I will keep on my hospitality for Sikhs. Special Assistant to PM Firdous Ashiq Awan said that in Kashmir the barbarianism and killings are rising, the acts and cruel face of Modi is in front of the whole world and the way in which minorities are being treated in India it was also in front of the whole world.
She said Sikh community should project the peace loving face of Pakistan to the whole world, every inch of Pakistan welcomes Sikh brothers.
Firdous said, Kartarpur Corridor Project is a historic project, Baba Guru Nanak only preached love and inter-religion harmony, and we have to promote inter-faith harmony. ‘The government and our nation welcome Sikh brothers’, she added. She said that our government has to eradicate the extremist elements and Imran Khan has emerged as an advocate of minorities, protection of rights of minorities is top priority of government, she added. Federal Minister Peer Anwar-ul-Haq Qadri said that the international Sikh convention at the Governor House is not a political slogan but a step toward destination. He said that the Sikh community looks towards Pakistan in respect because of Nankana Sahib and Kartarpur Darbar.
The philosophy of Baba Guru Nanak was love, peace and humanity, it is important to spread his philosophy across the world, he said.
He said whatever the circumstances are Pakistan’s narrative on Kashmir is one and which will not be changed. Special Assistant to PM Naeem-ul- Haq in his address said that on behalf of PM Imran Khan I assure all the Sikh Yatrees that they should consider Pakistan their own home and we are always standing with you. And I will try to arrange a meeting of Sikh Yatrees, who came for International Sikh convention, with Imran Khan.
He said because of Kartarpur Corridor Project thousands of Sikhs Yatrees from India will get chance to visit their sacred religious places on daily basis. Many others spoke at the occasion and assured Sikhs Yatrees of every facility including foolproof security.

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