New mega financial corruption scandal surfaced in FBR

Islamabad: A new mega financial corruption scandal of billions of rupees was surfaced in Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), sources revealed.

The inner sources have revealed that the Chairman FBR Shabbar Zaidi has decided to handover some powers of FBR to a private company in order to provide billion of rupees benefit to his close friend. The company would control the matters of a tobacco sector.

The inner sources further stated that the Chairman FBR Shabbar Zaidi has issued a tender title, “Electronic Monitoring Track and Trace System for Tobacco Products” in order to award a five year contract to his friend’s company SICPA and ARWIN TECK (PVT).

This was a unique tender in the history of FBR in which governmental powers were being handed over to a private company. After getting five year contract the company would uphold its dominance in tobacco sector without any fear.

Sources stated that if company get contract it would collect more than Rs 6 billion revenue annually as this income would definitely go into company’s account instead of national exchequer.

Number of changes have also made in tender documents so that real friend company could get this contract.

According to the tender documents that got through sources the Chairman FBR would hand over the responsibilities of stopping tax evasion of tobacco companies that was in billions of rupees to a private company.

The company would be given responsibility that it fixes a special code on cigarette pack of more than 50 tobacco companies under track and trace system.

Fee would be collected from cigarettes manufacturing companies. However, the FBR officers who those working in filed would get information from this special code from mobile phones.

Apparently this step was to control tax evasion but actually Shabbar Zaidi was silently handing over the tobacco sector control to the company of his real friend.

Moreover, governmental powers would also give to this company.  Chairman as also issued a SRO in this regard under this the company who get tender would install an electronic track and trace system on the gates of private cigarettes companies gates. The system has direct connection with FBR.

The inner sources have confirmed the actually Chairman FBR has already given tender to his friend company, however tender in this regard issued for just as formality. The spokesperson FBR hasn’t given any clarification in this regard.  _____________ Online

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