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NA secretariat saves over Rs6NA secretariat saves over Rs600m of budget00m of budget

ISLAMABAD: For the first time ever, the National Assembly Secretariat has saved almost Rs638.69 million from the budget allocated for the fiscal year 2018-19.

The massive saving of the budget which makes up to 18% of the total budget was made on directives of the National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser under an austerity drive.

Qaiser soon after assuming charge of speaker of the lower house had issued directives to adopt austerity to reduce expenses of the secretariat and had also issued orders to reduce unnecessary expenses without affecting the performance of the secretariat.

Similarly, the Finance Ministry has also been duly informed about the saving and the total amount was saved by observing austerity under various expenses allocated for the secretariat in the budget.

The secretariat made savings in lieu of petrol, gifts, entertainment, foreign tours and travelling expenses of the assembly members.
Meanwhile, the speaker applauded the transparency and monetary arrangements made by the secretariat. “Our country is facing a tough time and we are responsible for contributing towards national prosperity,” said Qaiser expressing confidence that soon Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team will succeed in steering the nation

out of crisis.
“The incumbent government under the leadership of the PM Imran Khan is striving to tackle the challenges facing the country, especially financial problems,” he added.

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