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Mushahid Ullah Khan lambasted for ‘derogatory’ remarks on PTI

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LAHORE: Minister for Information and Culture Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan has lambasted Mushahid Ullah Khan for his derogatory remarks on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Senate session on Monday. While talking to media he said Mushahid ullah Khan is indeed a pawn for PML (N).

His only job description is to hide the corruption of his masters. “How ironic it is that the people like Mushahid ullah Khan whose entire political careers are tainted with corruption and nepotism, are accusing the Premier and the PTI for the same” the minister added. He is the one who has caused millions of rupees loss to the national exchequer by getting his two brothers appointed in PIA on heavy salaries, getting his daughter nominated as MNA and claiming huge amounts in the name of his own treatment. Chohan advised Mushahid ullah Khan to desist from criticizing prime minister and PTI as he himself has caused a colossal loss to the National kitty.

Chohan warned if Mushahid Ullah Khan and Other PML (N) leaders do not desist from hurling baseless accusations and mudslinging, then “We can pay them in the same coin and even better because the opposition is more vulnerable on this pretext”. While discussing PTI’s 126 days long sit-in Chohan said, the credit for staging one of the largest peaceful sit- in must be given to the Prime Minister and his party who certainly has taught the masses the most appropriate way to fight for their right.

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