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Munawar Abadullah, CEO of ImpTrax Corp has enigmatic aura

By M J Hayat

LAHORE: If you are someone with a fresh innovative mind, stepping into the exhilarating field of the Information Technology, there’s this one person you need to read about. The remarkable thing here is that he is not just about the IT; he is mysteriously spread over other vistas too. Munawar Abadullah, CEO of ImpTrax Corporations, possesses an enigmatic aura that is fascinating to observe. The main reason why I am in so much awe of his personality is the fact that he is a self-made man; he literally built himself up over the years, facing all the struggles and yet, managing to come out as an enormous persona.
Pakistan’s achievements in the sector of Information Technology are tremendous but they have not yet been properly highlighted. A large number of Pakistani IT achievers and innovators have made their mark in this highly competitive field in America and elsewhere. Their dedicated efforts have also gone a long way towards strengthening the national economy.
Merely indulging in a general conversation with him can be such a motivational experience. I am not bragging; I speak from experience. His passion for his aims is apparent in his voice which, I can vouch for, is contagious. He was brought up in an ordinary Pakistani family; nothing influential about it. But who he is now, is quite influential. His idealisation of the western world was based on its ability to withhold its impression. He was fascinated with how people achieve success by employing their abilities, times and resources; which unfortunately he couldn’t see around him. He pondered and wondered over how this society can be made better. He learnt this ultimately, but the hard way indeed.
Fate took him to America two decades ago. There he faced his share of obstacles. Especially the period post 9/11 was the time when survival was gloomy. He, however, did not give up. It baffles me to think about what kind of motivation he must have had in his mind that would not let him quit making the efforts. Gradually the tide stopped lashing against him, and times became favorable. Many organizations benefited from his ideas and hard work.
Although these organisations were successful in terms of finances and material benefits, but Abadullah is humble enough not to describe success in terms of worldly possessions, “For me, success is a relatively subjective term. I think a person is successful when he or she is able to live life according to their own terms. And in that regard, I call myself successful.” He has higher aims now, aims of benefitting the others from the learning and the experience he gained over the years.
He travelled immensely once he stepped out of Pakistan. The journeys and the voyages did a lot of good in the making of this man. He has studied numerous cultures and met many people of diverse races. His keen observance aided him in picking up the positivity those cultures have. He admired the delicate sophistication and the refined craftsmanship. He is aware of how the aestheticism of various cultures can be promoted and made popular enough to be feasible to the inner eye. This modest man now vows to bring all of his learning to Pakistan so that everyone here can get an advantage.
Looking at the bleak conditions in Pakistan one does wonder from where the awareness will come. People like Abdullah are a ray of hope for our society. I talked to him about the prevalent conditions in the country. “It is so painful to see the country divided. People are differentiating themselves on the basis of social standing, finances, religion, and politics. These partitions are proving to be an impediment in our progress.” He is adamant that he will raise the needed awareness. He is of the view that only awareness can work wonders. People will bring the revolution themselves. He wishes to see the indigenous colors of our rich inhabitant culture flourish and prevail.
He is all up for bringing the needed awareness among the masses. Already he has been launching different work projects in Pakistan to ease up the situation. He introduces new ideas and innovative techniques. For him, a prodigious idea holds great value. He believes in the fact that an idea can change the world. He not only encourages new ideas and philosophies, he very frequently, pour in his unique notions too. His simplicity and selfless nature however does get in the way. He proposed an idea of a program that could help youngsters train themselves through the IT. Of course his words never got the credit, and we saw the provincial government introducing E-Rozgar.
Even on my insistence, he persisted that the credit wasn’t necessary. “Getting credit for an idea is not central to my aim; how the society responds to the benefits of the idea is far more important.”
I am very excited for his ambitions and motivational spirit. I cannot wait much to see the results of his effort. I just hope that we all stand together with him in this hour of need. Not for him, not for anyone else; but for us and for our country. At the end of my meeting with him, I asked what he desires now the most earnest.
His reply was simple, yet immense. “My greatest wish will come true when Pakistan and the people of Pakistan will start living the same luxurious and successful lives which people do throughout the western world.”

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