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Miley Cyrus aggressively gropped by a man in a mob of fans

In a frightening encounter with an aggressive fan, Miley Cyrus was forcibly kissed and groped by the man while she was leaving her hotel in Barcelona, with husband, Liam Hemsworth right there with her.

The singer was behind Hemsworth wading through the crowd and meeting fans while working her way through the mob. Suddenly, a man lunges at the pop star and grabs her by the hair, pulling her towards him by her neck and trying to kiss her.

A security guard intervened and then Hemsworth spots the ruckus and puts his arm around Cyrus, trying to shield her. The musician hasn’t publicly spoken about the incident but a source reportedly revealed that while she “always respects her fans’ enthusiasm, she was certainly unsettled by this.” The source also said she’s “doing fine now.”

Groping is sexual violence and a violation of personal space and it is never okay. Sadly, as women, we know that things can go very wrong in a split second in a big crowd but time’s up. People need to keep their hands to themselves if they don’t have permission to touch another person, period.

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