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Matriculation: Obsolete yet overpowering

Ahmad Mujtaba

Ours is a society with aging, prowling hardliners. We are swift to blame the youth for much of what has been set in stone by people before them. So it is with Pakistan’s infamous ‘brain drain’.
We click tongues and lament the young generation’s inclinations to flee their home country. The society blames them for hankering after luxurious lifestyles and assimilating in western ideals.
The government, too, plays along the pretense. It emphasizes efforts on enticing teenagers to remain in Pakistan and pursue higher education here. This notion only serves to satisfy and scapegoat society itself. Nothing could be further from truth. Pakistan’s young students remaindeeply demotivated as they struggle with a system that promises them laurels. Allow myself to establish this by drawing attention to one prominent case of the medical field.
This typical illustration follows hopefuls in medicinal pursuits. Despite having immaculate A Level result of 4 A’s, and an exemplary CV to get into any top-notch medical college within
USA the Pakistani child is unable to apply due to lack of finances. Thus, the MDCAT system controlled by the government is trusted. This is the very government that is too egoistic to welcome change within our country, whilst other countries progress towards more standardized testing like the SATs and the Cambridge System. The student realizes the enormity of the issue as he resorts to a gap year.
Our society vehemently supports the FSC and Matriculation system to the degree where it places students of international systems at an injudicious advantage. One is well cognizant of the nature of these public examinations. Time and time again, papers are leaked so that a child is capable of acquiring full marks. Should someone opt for the alternative route, namely O and A Levels, the equivalency system will demean and embarrass them. The near perfect grades they obtain in the Cambridge Examination System fall flat, lest they be reminded an internationally recognized system cannot trump Pakistan’s equivalency. Our state tries to justify all by directing focus on the MDCAT test. This is no more a reliable tool either. It is the same test that was postponed twice within 2017 because it was leaked to those with the financial mean to bribe. It is the same test that is designed in such a foreign manner, it eludes A Level students. It is the same test that demands students expend a good few months cramming details that have no significant relevance to medicine, so that they can perform anywhere decently within this test. It is the test that disheartens and drives our human capital away.
Ultimately, before we blame the younger generation for migrating abroad, compare the education system and its management here with any other country’s, and you will find your answer. It is because these students do not wish to be humiliated by the extant education system. They want their achievements to be respected and to sculpt their dreams as they pictured. They do not desire western glamour. They are forced to go abroad to be able to seek a future for themselve

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