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Maryam blasts PM Imran, NAB over Hamza’s arrest

LAHORE: PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz on Tuesday lashed out at the PTI government over the arrest of the Punjab Assembly’s opposition leader Hamza Shehbaz saying the NAB, which she said, is dancing to the tunes of “the puppet” prime minister has crossed all limits of injustice and oppression.

Taking to Twitter minutes after the arrest of the PML-N leader, she said those persons indulging in such activities have never evaded the retribution of history and will never be able to do so in the future. “This puppet show is going to end, InshAllah.”

Maryam was of the view that the arrests of Hamza and former president Asif Ali Zardari are aimed at diverting attention from the government’s “historical” failures such as the Economic Survey for the fiscal year 2018-19 and the budget.

But, she added, such an attempt won’t save the government from the wrath of the people.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif


معاشی سروے اور بجٹ جیسی تاریخی ناکامیوں سے توجہ ہٹانے کے لیئے گرفتاریاں تمہیں عوام کے غیض وغضب سے نہیں بچا سکتیں
گرتی ہوئی دیواروں کو گرفتاریوں سے نہیں بچایا جا سکتا.جس حکومت میں پوری قوم قید کی کیفیت میں ہو، اس حکومت میں اپوزیشن کی گرفتاریوں سے نالائق اعظم خود کو نہیں بچا سکتا


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“Crumbling walls can’t be saved with the arrests,” she opined.

No matter what the prime minister and his government do, the PML-N will become a voice of the public at any cost, she said, adding, “Prisons are neither new for Hamza nor the PML-N. We have faced oppression inflicted by a dictator.”

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