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Marvi Memon terms Tariq Bajwa’s removal as first drop of rain

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Marvi Memon on Sunday termed removal of Tariq Bajwa as governor of the State Bank, a first drop of rain.

Reacting on Bajwa’s removal, Memon in her tweet said, “Baarish ka pehla katra. There r more within each ministry. Ik will purge n then maybe we can see governance start”


Marvi Memon


Baarish ka pehla katra.There r more within each ministry.Ik wil purge n then maybe we can c governance start.Amazing ghaflat for 8 months. Remember ppp n esp pmln r super experienced n entrenched everywhere.Since we had years of govt in r hands-decaaaades of ‘my turn ur turn’


سابق گورنر اسٹیٹ بینک کو ہٹانے کی اصل وجہ سامنے آگئی 👇

“طارق باجوہ نے پرائم منسٹر اور کیبنٹ کے احکام ماننے سے انکار کرتے اور حکومت کے اہم معاملات کی تفصیل لندن اسحاق ڈار کو لیک کرتے تھے”@marvi_memon @betterpakistan @BlueIceDesert @SpartacusAsli #PMLN #NawazSharif #Ishaqdar

According to  News representative, Tariq Bajwa was removed from the key position of SBP governorship for causing interruption into the implementation of government orders and leakage of sensitive information.

Bajwa had neglected instructions given by the Prime Minister Imran Khan on economic matters many times as he rejected to release vouchers to businesspersons for the payment of dues.

Sources said that the former SBP governor was also involved in leaking sensitive information, which was apparently pointed by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) leader Marvi Memon in her tweet on May 3

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