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Indus Commission Secretariat to be shifted to Islamabad

Officers, staff decide to launch protest drive against Lahore office removal

Our Special Correspondent

LAHORE: Indus Commission Secretariat will be shifted from Lahore to Islamabad, a notification issued by the ministry has said.
The officials of the commission, on the other hand, have decided to launch protest drive against the decision on of the ministry.
The ministry has issued the notification to shift the office of the commission along with all the record and other related items.
Overall 65 officials of the commission from grade 1 to 20 will be affected and they have condemned the decision.
The commission staff have decided to challenge the decision and stage protest against the move.
The Officers of the commission said that Commissioner Mehar Ali Shah has influenced the the PM office for his vested and personal interests.
They said that Lahore office’s shift is a violation of the Sindh Tass Agreement.
They said that the commissioner is attempting to be appointed to his post directly while he is appointed temporarily and has never visited Lahore for the last six months.
The lower staff said that they cannot afford Islamabad as it is a too dearer city and their salaries are too meager to meet the expensive life style.
There of the assistant commissioner and many other staff have decided to resign from their post in protest against the removal of Lahore officer, sources said.

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