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I put Islamia College on right track, keep historical traditions alive, says Tahir Javed

By Ghulam Hussain

LAHORE: Professor Tahir Javed, Principal Govt Islamia College, Railway Road, Lahore is a man of par excellence. Since he assumed the charge as the Principal, he like his predecessors kept the momentum of continuation of the college’s more than 150 years old tradition under its historical perspective and importance.
Tahir Javed by using his best energies and leadership qualities has been moving the college ahead with its good reputation, and prestige as compared to other colleges.
In an exclusive interview with Daily The Business, Tahir Javed said honestly, he had put the college on the right track with its historical importance as it has its own recognition as the centre of educational, literary and cultural activities.
He said when he assumed the charge as the Principal, he felt no difficulties in tackling the college matters and interaction with the teachers as he had been teaching in this college since 1987 and was also familiar with all the teachers and problems of the college.
Tahir Javed said from the very first day of my teaching career, I was committed to myself that wherever I would work, I would work with full devotion, commitment and with all my energies and I am working with the same enthusiasm and devotion which I had committed to myself.
Tahir said that whatever I am today is due to my parents’ prayers and efforts, every home has its own values and traditions, but my main strength is the prayers of my parents.
Then our teachers play very vital role in our successes and another thing is the spirit, which we should have for moving ahead. We should not run after things, rather we should fight for things, then the Almighty Allah would give you success, Tahir stressed.
Tahir said from the very first day I have a target and passion to make a new six-storey building at the site of hostel with elevator inside the college without changing its real design and architect. Though the hostel building has become weak, but we would not change its real shape, he said.
In the new building we would establish administrative and academic blocks and there would also be new library, but its historical importance would remain the same.
Tahir said the main structure of the college building is more than 120 years old and it is a national asset and we cannot change its historical status, he told.
He said this college has also kept the Pakistan Movement alive as we have established a picture gallery of Pakistan’s Movement photos from March 23, 1940 to 1947.
Tahir said we should not deviate from our rules and commitments, because if I am not punctual in doing our college work, then how I can say others to obey college’s rules and regulations and how would say to my staff to be punctual and follow rules.
Tahir said that his top priority was to make departments better so that the students can get quality and better education, because most of the students who get admissions here normally belong to the lower middle class and from the poor families and those who have no resources to get education.
He said we also provide scholarships and uniforms to those students, who cannot continue their education due to the financial crisis. We provide all facilities to students so that they can earn respectable livelihood for them and for their families, he added. Tahir said presently this college is catering the education need of more than 3,400 students and over 1,200 highly qualified and experienced faculty members are teaching them.
He said that from this session, we are going to launch BS programmes in five subjects such as in Urdu, Chemistry, Islamiyat and Math, whereas we are also waiting notification for launching BS programme in the subject of International Relations (IR). He also said, when consciousness of people would improve for education, then the literacy rate in Pakistan will improve gradually. Now the parents send their children to schools and the literacy rate has become much better.
He said presently, there are different education systems in Pakistan, due to which the present education system is producing only clerks.
He said education in Pakistan is very expensive and my point of view is that there should be unified system of education in Pakistan. Education is the right of every one and there should be equalisation in education, so that everyone could get education.
Tahir said it was unnecessary to say that there should be uniformed education system in Pakistan, he said first of all we have to understand that what is the uniformed system of education. It is the duty of the ruling elite that they should think over the matter that what is the uniformed system of education.
Tahir said that the Islamia College students have always bright future, they have best job opportunities, they go to the CSS exams. About the character-building of the students, Tahir said that there are many committees and societies in this college, which are contributing their best efforts in the character-building of the students. Tahir said no doubt there are black sheep in Pakistan, who provide fake degrees by taking bribes, but this practice should be stopped. He said that was the reason when Pakistanis go abroad for jobs, they face problems due to fake degrees. Tahir disclosed from this session, the college is launching Sheikh Abdul Rasheed Scholarship as an incentive to our outstanding students. This scholarship will acknowledge talent and help the needy students, he stressed.
He said that it is not possible that a teacher comes to the college and not take his classes or he takes leave without permission. If a teacher does so, then we implement the college rules and take action against him and in this way all the teachers remain under discipline.
Tahir said that we have the monthly test system and we put the test results and records of attendances at the college’s website, so that the parents can see themselves about their children’s’ progress report.
He also said, every year in March, we arrange the parents-teachers meeting (PTM), but it is sorry to say the parents’ response is only 30 to 40 percent and they don’t come to get report about their children.
Tahir said that there was a time when Islamia College was famous for its sports activities and it had a big name in sports across the country. Now I am very ambitious to bring Islamia College’s sports activities in the limelight.
He disclosed that Islamia College has the credit of producing international level players such as first captain of Pakistani cricket team Abdul Hafeez Kardar, Oval’s hero and international fast bowler Fazal Mehmood, wicketkeeper and batsman Imtiaz Ahmad, Nazar Mohammad and many others.
He said this college produced politicians like Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, who suggested Pakistan’s name, Chaudhry Mohammad Ali (Former Prime Minster), Sheikh Abdullah, Sardar Mohammed Ibrahim, Malik Meraj Khalid, Jahangir Badr, Khawaja Salman Rafique, Sartaj Aziz and many others.
While journalists like Hameed Nizami, Majid Nizami, Dr Abdul Salam Khursheed, poets like Anjum Rumani, Sahir Ludhianvi, Shohrat Bukhari, Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabasum, Zameer Jafri, Mirza Adeeb, Nasir Kazmi, Naseem Hijazi, Dr Burhan Ahmad Farooqi, Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi.
Famous PTV drama serial Ainak Wala Jin’s writer, producer, poet and director Hafeez Tahir and many others were also students of this college.
At the end Prof Tahir Javed said that I take rest, whenever I have leisure time.

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