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Huwaei beats iPhone to secure second position without Android and American Chips

Huwaei has beaten iPhone and become number 2 that too without Android and American Chips after US cut off its trade ties with Huawei. Lijhan Zhao, a Chinese diplomat in Pakistan took to Twitter to share the news.


According to Zhao’s Tweet, Huawei has beaten iPhone & become No.2. without Android & American chips.

He further wrote that Huawei’s new phones can work with their own Ark Operating System & chips.

“Huawei started Plan B years ago. Now is the time!”, Zhao disclosed in his Tweet.

He also shared a video in which a comparison of Huawei P30 Pro and iPhone X can be seen. it can also be witnessed that the zooming capability of a video shot in iPhone is much limited as compared with that of Huawei P30 Pro.

Here is a link to the particular Tweet by the Chinese diplomat.


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