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Hijab a hurdle in career in our own country

Sonia Akmal Qureshi

With the modernisation and adaptation of Western culture we have walked so far that we have separated out those who are connected to their religion and culture and promoting it.
Our electronic media always highlights and condemn discrimination that occurs at national and international level but what about the discrimination electronic media itself create? They raised their voice and condemned the ban on hijab in France but on other hand, they put condition on Pakistani girls to remove hijab if they want to work as anchor. I myself don’t do hijab but i’m raising voice against this hypocrisy of electronic media that I observed myself.
Our media is fighting on discrimination by different institutions of our country but they themselves promote discrimination when they simply reject a girl because of her hijab and abaya.
Our electronic media happily promotes the Western culture and religion but stop Pakistani girls to promote their own religion and culture.
For symbolising the holy events electronic media gives dupatta to every actress, news anchor or a singer but snatches the dupatta and scarf of the girls in casual days just because of Trps? Or is there any other reason behind it ?
When a girl in Western dress can host a show then why not a talented hijabi girl ?
With what logic our media conduct debates when Muslims are targeted because of their dress, scarf and religion when they themselves are not respecting and letting the hijabi girls to work on electronic media platform. If Bushra Bibi wear hijab and naqab media highlight it in a glamorous way, even invites her in talk shows why? Because she is a famous personality?
Electronic media should realise that they shouldn’t infringes rights of anyone and can’t reject a person just on the basis of hijab. Media should stop discriminating people especially girls on the basis of religion, dressing and background and give chance to talented and qualified hijabi girls as well.

The writer is a freelance contributor

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  1. Gulzaib Tareen says

    Nice point of consideration.
    Best of luck. Your point of view expected about minorities also.

    1. Sonia Akmal Qureshi says

      Thanks Gulzaib

  2. Bint e Hawwa says

    You wrote truth in an impressive way

  3. saria shabbir says

    but people do not thing so

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