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‘Haq haqdaar tak’- a help to yourself ?

Zahid Iqbal

Charity is of course a noble cause. Many countries feel it’s their obligation to help others.
They do exactly what our religion Islam apprised us to do. In case of occurrence of any disaster, Americans and Europeans compete against each other to help more than any other nation in the world.
US, Pakistanis are also very good at giving, but other nations have developed a system to record things and monitor their money trail afterwards.
We as Pakistani nation and followers of Islam find it obligatory to always take a step forward to help in case of any mishap.
Now as when we observe Ramadan, it’s our obligation to give “Zakat and Fitrana” in this month, each and every of us will do our level best to donate as much as we can.
Many charity organisations associated to a hospital, Madrasa, social workers and many other double their campaign in the holy month.
These groups and organisation collect millions of rupees in this month. Unfortunately, we will be surprised to learn that only 30% of the collection is spent on the cause and rest of the fund is kept in administrational cost.
More than half of the money out of this remaining 70% is again distributed to their personal and out of the way administrational work.
We are facing terrible situation from a last decade, because some terrorist and extremist groups are actively trying to destabilize our country.
These groups mainly work on our enemy’s agendas. Moreover, our own people become their facilitators.
Fortunately, the Government of Pakistan took a step to stop the provision of funds to these groups and malicious organizations. Last year, the donations given by Pakistani nation to organizations- most directly related to helping the poor in different forms of business hit a record high.
A fair estimate would be around 550 billion rupees annually. Relieving the plight of the poor is the bedrock of charity.
But not anymore, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of Pakistan has launched public awareness program called “HAQ HAQDAR TAK”.
This is a tremendous public awareness campaign. Many renowned motivational speakers in Pakistan are supporting this program for the sake of National interest. The core team is successfully visiting sensitive areas and educating local people about the pros and cons of donating blindly. Television advertisements are also being aired during prime time. NACTA also has a help line 1717 to call if case you observe any terrorist or extremist activity.
As Government is taking is seriously, we all should take it seriously too. It’s in our own benefit to help each other as a nation.
If you are thinking about making a donation to a charity, first do some research to make sure that your money will really support the causes of your interest.
Give your charity money through checks, so you have a bank record of it.
Making a donation to a fake charity only benefits the scammers who keep your money and ultimately use that money against you. So be wise and do the right thing.
Few minutes spent by an individual online for research can save thousands of people. Make sure you follow the instructions and guidelines proposed by Haq Daar Tak: an awareness campaign. It’s worth spending some time to visit the site; https://haqdaar.gov.pk/ Please click the link; For a list of safe charities to donate to: https://nacta.gov.pk/safe-charities-list/ . Public also has an option to search PCP certified CSOs at http://pcp.org.pk/pagestyle.php
An act initiated with good intentions should have an impact as good as the intentions or even bigger. Talk to your friends and family members to spread the words in the way they appeal.

The writer is a student of M-phil at Leads University

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