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Hackers continue attempts to deprive account-holders’ of money

By Waleed Bin Imran
LAHORE: Hackers continue attempts to deprive Habib Bank Limited (HBL) account-holders’ of money while HBL and State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) are keeping mum over this serious issue.
HBL and SBP authorities seem not taking interest in performing their duties, maintaining their reputation, holding the trust of their account holders or keeping peoples’ money safe. Daily The Business after breaking its story continues to be the voice of downtrodden as another victim of the hacking attempts appears on the surface.
After Yaqoob Atif Bulbula, another guy named Bashir fell prey of the hackers. The matter is getting clearer and clearer as more and more people are sharing their experiences after Daily The Business became the voice of Yaqoob Bulbula. New revelation made this time is that hackers are not using official HBL customer care number but a fake number which is alike the original confuses people easily into believing that they are receiving the call from their bank.
According to Bashir, a group of people tried to con him and take sensitive details of his HBL bank account here on May 31, 2018. Bashir said that he received a call from a mobile number. The caller said that he is calling from HBL office, Karachi. He introduced himself as Customers Sales Representative and wants to verify his account. The caller further said that State Bank has ordered to verify all the bank accounts.
Unlike Bulbula, Bashir, who was up to date with the banking terminologies and regarding matters, Bashir did not trust the caller and tackled his demand by saying that the number he was calling from is not a HBL’s valid landline number.
The caller also had a backup for such a situation. He told Bashir that their manager will call him from their official landline number. In seconds, Bashir received a call from 00111111425. The guy, who introduced himself as the manager, told him they need some verification so Bashir should cooperate with that guy.
Bashir received a call from the mobile number again. The caller asked him for some of his personal account details as banks normally ask which include personal profile, date of birth, mother’s name etcetera.
Bashir said that he gave him his personal details but when he asked him about his account details like his ATM pin code, he said that he cannot give him that.
“Normally, I receive messages from “4250” which is HBL’s official messaging identity. HBL will never ask sensitive information through any other mediums of communications like email, SMS and call”, said Bashir to the caller.
The caller tried to get the Internet Banking Code of Bashir’s account reset. This code is required for online cash transfers. Bashir said that he received a message from 4250 to reset his password at the same time.
The caller said that he has sent a message from 4250 which is the official messaging identity of HBL as demanded by him. The caller asked him to trust him now and tell him the password.
Bashir then received another password from 4250. The caller needed him to tell him the password he received from HBL so that he could proceed further and transfer Bashir’s money to his own bank accounts.
Bashir’s suspicion had shot through the roof now so he declined the call and decided to call his bank’s customer care helpline at 021 111111425 to investigate the matter but then he realized that he received the call from +111111425 and 00111111425 instead of 021111111425 which made it clear that the calls were not from HBL but some hackers who were are trying to deprive HBL account holders of their money.
“When I called at HBL helpline, their representative told me that all those calls were fake and it was an attempt by a group to hack my account”, told Bashir. Bashir immediately blocked his ATM, disabled internet banking and uninstalled his mobile app.
All this took more than an hour. The different mobile numbers used as shared by Bashir were

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