‘Govt will fully support medical staff in fight against coronavirus’

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday assured that the government would stand by the doctors and nurses and all paramedic staff in the fight against the deadly pathogen and will provide them full protective gear.

PM Imran was speaking after inaugurating the up-gradation project of cantonment General Hospital Rawalpindi.

During the address, PM Imran said that the nation knows that health workers are under a lot of pressure in the wake of the pandemic.

“Doctors, nurses and other medical staff are on the frontline of the battle against coronavirus and they will be provided with the necessary protective equipment to ensure their safety and health,” the prime minister assured.

He warned that the virus will spread and the trend of the escalation would be known after one week as data is being processed.

“God has been kind to us, the virus has not hit us the way it has hit other countries in the world,” said PM Imran. “Our fatality rate is also low. Your (medical staff’s) protection is our number one priority.”

He thanked the Chinese government for keeping Pakistan a priority by sending medial aid after controlling the virus in its own country.

The premier also regretted that the health sector was not given preference over the last seven decades.

“The standards of our hospitals were better up till 60s and 70s but then allocations for both the education and the health sectors were brought down,” he said.

The virus has so far claimed 26 lives in Pakistan, while over 82 COVID-19 patients have fully recovered.

Also, watch how Prime Minster Imran Khan barely avoids breaking social distancing protocols upon arrival at Rawalpindi hospital.

‘Govt will fully support medical staff in fight against coronavirus’
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