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Governor Punjab calls on PM to discuss political scenario

LAHORE: Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to discuss a range of topics.

Besides talking about political scenario, Sarwar also briefed the premier on Aab-e-Pak Authority, working in Punjab for the provision of safe and clean drinking water.

PM Khan further asked the governor to take emergency measures to cope with water scarcity issue in the province. To which, Sarwar told that the newly-established Aab-e-Pak has prepared a complete strategy to deal with all matters in this regard.

“Through  Aab-e-Pak authority, each and every penny will be spent to provide clean water to the people of Punjab,” the governor assured.

During the meeting, Sarwar also apprised PM Khan regarding his foreign tour to the United States and his meetings with its senators.

The Punjab Assembly had set up the Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority as the House passed the authority’s Bill 2019 with majority vote on March 14. However, the opposition had objected to the position of patron-in-chief being given to the governor.

The authority will provide clean drinking water to nearly 110 million people by installing water filtration plants all over the Punjab.

The plants will also be installed inside jails, hospitals and universities.

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