Had Louis Riddick been named general manager of the Giants, they would have a very different looking team right now. And it’s probably one Big Blue fans would be happier with.

They would likely still have superstar receiver Odell Beckham Jr. taking the top off defenses and have quarterback Dwayne Haskins waiting to throw passes to him. They would definitely still have Landon Collins laying people out in the secondary and might even have a different head coach running the show.

“I would’ve drafted Saquon [Barkley]. I would’ve made sure Odell has that relationship. I could’ve lived with Eli [Manning] for a year. I understand why Dave [Gettleman] did that. I wouldn’t have drafted the quarterback that they drafted,” Riddick said on a podcast with fellow ESPN employee Adam Schefter.

“As far as the coaching selection, I know Pat Shurmur, I’ve been around him. Everybody knows how I feel about some of the other coaches that are out there that I would like to work with, so many of those are some of the things that would’ve been different.”

Riddick — an NFL analyst for  — interviewed with Giants co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch in December 2017. The job eventually went to Gettleman, who has made a series of unpopular moves.

Gettleman traded Beckham to Cleveland, a season after giving him a $90 million contract. He opted not to trade or franchise-tag Collins, letting him walk to Washington in free agency. And he passed over Haskins — and edge-rusher Josh Allen — in this month’s draft to select Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick, when Riddick felt the Duke product likely would have been available for Big Blue at 17.

“Heading in 2019, would I have wanted to keep Landon Collins? Absolutely,” Riddick said. “The guys who, when you are in the huddle and out at practice, are getting the calls from sideline in the headset and talking to the rest of the team — safety, middle linebacker, quarterback, center — I value those guys. Landon Collins would’ve been a guy I wanted to keep. I wouldn’t have wanted to let him get out of there. I didn’t necessarily like that.

“As far as quarterback is concerned, I would’ve made it a priority to draft a quarterback; I just wouldn’t have drafted this one. Everyone knows how I feel about Dwayne Haskins … I would’ve went that route with it.”

Riddick understood that, when on the inside of a team, rather that watching from afar, things can get personal and affect decisions like the Beckham trade. But he said he wouldn’t have moved the star wideout.

“I would’ve signed him to the long-term extension that they did,” Riddick said. “I would’ve really tried to have a plan in place to make sure a relationship was in place between him, the head coach and me so six months later we don’t feel like we have to send down the road and eat a ridiculous amount of cap space.

“That’s not why you do those kind of things. To make those kind of sharp turns in the decisions you make for guys that are premium players, that tells me maybe you didn’t think it through or didn’t have a good enough plan. It happens. Nobody is perfect.”