FPCCI fails to serve cause of business community: BMP

Mian Anjum Nisar rejects election commission, urges DGTO to supervise upcoming elections

M Jahangir Hayat

LAHORE : Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has failed serve cause of the business community due to the incapability and incompetence of the incumbent group.
 It is, therefore, the government has not considered the plate-forum worthy to be consulted for the important decisions of business community and the economy.
Businessmen Panel (BMP) Chairman Mian Anjum Nisar expressed these views while addressing reporters here at the office of BMP on Monday.
He said that earlier, one of the leader of the group was assigned the target to raise the exports up from the $25billion but the exports declined to $23billion instead of getting momentum.
He said that throughout the on-going crisis of CNIC , the FPCCI was invisible and the traders and industrialists and chambers themselves negotiated various outstanding issues with the rulers.
While talking about the upcoming election of FPCCI, he said that the Court  will be moved against the FPCCI general secretary for ‘partiality’  as he has not been implementing the Islamabad High Court directives to de-notify the membership of current vice president despite his documents are bogus.
Mian Anjum Nisar informed the media that the Businessmen Panel has also written a letter to the DGTO in this regard, requesting him to ensure transparent and impartial election of the apex trade body under its complete supervision.
He urged the Director General Trade Organization to supervise the whole election process of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry for 2020, rejecting the hand-picked election commission due to its partiality and favoritism for a particular group.

Nisar, who is also the presidential candidate of the FPCCI elections 2020, observed that the candidates of the United Business Group, this year too, are not from the business community and they are preparing to contest elections on bogus documents and fake NTN. “As the general secretary is under the influence of this ruling group, he does not scrutinize its candidates’ papers properly and always favours them against the rules,” Mian Anjum Nisar added.

He said that the platform of FPCCI should be used for the solution of proper and genuine issues of the business community through interaction with the government departments but the ruling group has turned this apex body of the country into a ‘mafia and club’ for personal benefits and gains.
Mian Anjum Nisar said that today national chambers of commerce of the country has lost its identity in the public sector as well as among the international bodies due to lack of seriousness in policy making and research & development.
Anjum Nisar noted that the other national chambers of the world are playing major role in economic policies of their respective countries but unfortunately the role of FPCCI is almost zero in this regard, leading to stagnant exports and poor economic conditions.
The BMP chairman said that that presently the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry has regrettably distanced itself from its national duty of projecting Pakistan’s potential at international trade, investment, and economic events. All over the world the responsibility of economic diplomacy and development has largely been shifted from governments to private sectors’ institutions. It has become a global trend to utilize the strength and capacity of such private sectors’ representative bodies for economic and political diplomacy.
He suggested the ruling group of FPCCI to learn from its counterpart organization of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) which has been playing a significant role for the success of Indian foreign policy, besides contributing significantly in the Indian Planning Commission.

The repute of FPCCI has been damaged to an extent that now the government ignores this institution in every important meeting of policy making.

BMP Chairman demanded that this year FPCCI Election Commission members should be neutral, proposing that two members of election commission should be nominated by the opposition group to ensure fair and transparent elections of the apex trade body of the country.

Mian Anjum Nisar noted that UBG came to power promising a change but it has disappointed business community due to compromising on every issue, misuse of funds and efforts aimed at personal welfare.

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