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Flour millers up in arms against Punjab Food Department

Our Special Correspondent

LAHORE: Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) held a press conference here on Friday and expressed their reservations against the Punjab Food Department and Feed Mills.

The representatives of PFMA said that the Punjab Food Department is blackmailing the PFMA to meet their purchase target.

The trucks of PFMA are being unlawfully unloaded in the godowns of the food department. The PFMA trucks seizures is against the agreement and violation of permission granted to PFMA vehicles for free movement within Punjab.

It was also stated in the press conference that the feed mills are
given a free hand to purchase wheat which clearly shows that poultry
feed is being prioritized over human food.

They further addressed that the rise of Rs 200 in the rate of wheat is
alarming. The consumption and number of feed mills is also increasing.

The PFMA representatives said while calling upon the Chief Minister of
Punjab that if no action was taken, it is not odd that there would be
food deficiency soon. The Secretary of the Food Department will retire
in eight months and hence the responsibility of shortage of food would
be on the government.

They further said that they would prefer to shut down their mills
themselves before the government shuts them down by making unfavorable

The PFMA called for a meeting on 16th May for emergency action if
their reservations were not catered on immediate basis.

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