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FIR against APTMA Patron-in-Chief, Lake City CEO, others lodged

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LAHORE: Police have registered an FIR against Lake City CEO and Patron-in-Chief of APTMA under section 506,452, 382 and 337L of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).
As per details, Police Station Raiwind City, Lahore has registered an FIR No 1271/19 against Lake City CEO and Patron-in-Chief APTMA Gohar Ejaz and others including Waqas, Nadeem, Jawad Anjum, Faqeer Muhammad and police constables and 20 security guards.
The police registered that applicant has said that the House No 18, Street A2 Blacks, Sector M7, Lake City, Lahore’s case is in the Rent Controller Court and being heard by Civil Judge Samara Zafar.
The applicant said that the court has issued stay order on property but the accused attacked his house and attempted to murder them with guns and snatched money from him and his brother.
The applicant informed the police that the accused party disconnected his water and electricity connections and threatened them of murdering them.
The applicant further said that after they called 15 did not respond to their call they called 1122 that shifted them to hospital. The applicant said that after getting treatment, they contacted Police Station Raiwind City where the police official misbehaved with them and refused to register FIR of the incident.
The applicant said that the police demanded to exclude the name of the main accused or his name will be implicated in FIR.

When contacted, Gohar Ejaz sent a progress report of police on the FIR that describes,
“An oversees Pakistan national owner of House No. 18, Street A2 , Sector M-7 gave power of attorney to his father-in-law who in turn gave the house on rent to the complainant and after paying rent for certain period, the complainant went to Rent Controller Court and Civil Court and secured court stay orders to keep possession of said house without paying rent”.
“After lot of hue and cry from original owner side, Lake City Administration according to bylaws of society, twice cut off electricity but each time complainant got ad interim relief from court,” it was said.
Finally on 6/5/2019 Lake City Administration after securing court order went to cut off electricity, there was scuffle and the complainant side showed resistance, the report said, adding, resultantly both parties lodged an application for FIR registration in PS Raiwind.
The complainant sought relief from court and finally managed to get an FIR registered on court orders against Lake City Administration and Faqeer Muhammad, the police report added.

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