FBR takes notice of non-compliance of recent large scale reshufflings

Experts term it inhuman, indifferent, senseless transfers, postings of officials of BS-16

M Jahangir Hayat

LAHORE: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) taking strict notice of the non-compliance of the rear mega recent transfers and posting of Inland Revenue (IR) and Customs officials of BS-16 Tuesday ordered immediate relieving of all the officials for joining of their new place of postings.

The FBR said that all those officials who were transferred and posted vide board’s notification no 1618-C-2019, dated 2, 072019, 1745-CIII/2019, dated 15,7 2019 and others have not yet joined their new places stand relieved with immediate effect and are directed to join their new place of postings without further delays.

The sources said that the officials who were transferred and posted were not ready to leave the lucrative posts and join the new place of postings.

However, some were transferred from one city to another while others to other provinces which made it difficult for them to join the new postings.

Experts said that the way the officials of BS-16 are transferred and posted is inhuman and indifferent and senseless as the BS 16 officials who normally lived on very meager salaries to feed their families would not be able to survive and resultantly resort to more corrupt practices for their survival in other cities and provinces.

Making it a distant dream to be successful in breaking the nexus of corruption, they added.

the fact has also been ignored that the officials who are going to attain their age of superannuation with in one or two years have also been replaced from one city to other far away from their deviling place which is hard for them to effort.

The very strategy of transfers and postings the officials between the cities and provinces will further strengthen their nexus, they said.

They were of the view, if the officials are compensated with at least one basic pay it may be appropriate to displace them from their present postings.

They also reiterated that now that the officials have been transferred and posted their frozen additional salaries must be restored which was recommended by the international done agencies so they can heave a sigh of relief and could concentrate to meet FBR revenue collection target of over Rs5500 billion.

Instead of undertaking transfers and posting of the officials out of cities and provinces the board had batter undertake six-monthly section wise reshuffling that could prove more beneficial.

Earlier the FBR had decided to transfer more than 2,500 of its officials in order to break their nexus with businesses and improve efficiency, as it plans to build on the success of its tax amnesty scheme.

This grand scale reshuffle was the first of its kind in the FBR’s history that is being done while keeping in mind the uphill task of collecting Rs5.550 trillion in fiscal year 2019-20.

As a result of these transfers, people with tainted reputation are also being sidelined, it was said.

The FBR issued transfer orders of 2,150 low-paid staff of Inland Revenue in the first phase of reshuffling. The maximum number of employees, 726, was transferred in Karachi, followed by 565 in Lahore, and 357 in Islamabad.


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