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Election of Pakistan Customs Officers Association

Zeba Hai Azhar elected president unopposed

M J Hayat

LAHORE: Central Region Chief Collector of Customs Zeba Hai Azhar has been elected unopposed
president of the Pakistan Customs Officers Association on Thursday in election of the body held for
various offices across the country.
Sources told Daily The Business that Zeba Hai Azhar has been elected president of the Association
unopposed as there was a consensus that this time the womenfolk should be leading the association
hence she was elected unopposed as none filed paper of nomination.
Source said that Azhar besides being experienced and intelligent Customs officers is also sociable and
well contacted and thus can better understand officers issues’ and lead them. Zeba has been working on
various posts in the Customs Department and enjoys good reputation.
While Talking to Daily The Business Azhar told this scribe that she was thankful to the fellow senior and
junior officers for the reposed their trust in her.
She said that she would be doing her best to come to the expectations of both seniors and juniors under
the rules and regulations.
“Currently the promotions of the officers are a one immediate challenge and I will focus and definitely
do whatever I could in this regard,” she said, adding that such issues should be taken on priority basis.
For the office of general secretary candidates including Nasir Ahmed Phullerwan and Shafqat Ali Khan
contested while nine officers including Naveedur Rehman Bugvi, Nabeel Siraj, Omer Bin Zafar Chattha
Shakeel Shah, Masood Ahmed, Sanaullah Abro, Moona aslam Mehfooz, Muhammad Saeed Watto and
Aysha Bashir Wain contested.
The Executive Committee of the Pakistan Customs Officers Association is including president, vice
president, general secretary, joint secretary, treasurer and eight executive members those will be
nominated after secret voting at all the Customs Model Collectorates of the country.
As per Office of the Presiding Officer, the customs officers of all the collectorates and directorates of
Customs participated in the polling from 11am to 3pm.

The voters, officers of the Customs Service signed attendance slip and were issued ballot papers, duly
signed and stamped by the presiding officers.
The voters stamped the ballot papers in support for their candidates.
The Customs Lahore officers also used their right of vote.
The polling station was set up in Lahore Customs House at the Nabha Road and vetting was undertaken
from 11am to 3pm.
The elections of Pakistan Customs Officers Association’s (PCOA) last elections were held in the year
In the outgoing governing body of the association, includes President Imtiaz Ahmed, Vice President
Junaid Akram, General Secretary Basit Maqsood Abbasi, Joint Secretary Raza, Finance Secretary Shahnaz
Maqbool while Members of PCOA were Wasif Memon, Arsalan Subuctageen, Mohammad Ismail, Khalid
Jamali, Hoonaq Baloch, Moin Wani, Karam Ilahi and Kamran Azam.

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