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Don’t tread on my toes

Shakeela Jabeen Qureshi

Allah Almighty created universe not for the sake of universe but for man angels bowed before and who is entitled to conquer the universe. He simultaneously is honoured with a medal of supreme creature.
In substantial terms the vastness of universe is beyond the limits of human perception but he has to feel the delicacy, the intricacy between the two to establish his supremacy.

The word supreme is an invitation to his thought. Once, he accepts the invitation he finds mysteries divulged the prime of which is that the universe is meant to serve man and hers is a positive role.
But what to do of the man who is bent upon confining himself to the planet he dwells in.
Hamid Samoo from district Umer Kot, Sindh is a personal and faithful driver of MPA Faryal Talpur for 10 years has declared his properties in Dubai worth Rs650 million something that puts FIA into action to be informed of the source of money.
Apparently Samoo is associated with Faryal Talpur a senior leader of Pakistan Peoples Party. Samoo’s undisclosed assets are there with collective worth of Rs52 million, his income Rs4.5 million, his agriculture land worth Rs40 million and Rs 7 million as cash in hand here in Pakistan.
Another man Ghulam Abbas Zardari is also associated (apparently) with Faryal Talpur.
Ghulam Abbas Zardari does have agricultural, industrial and commercial income besides.
The term apparent association gives the suspect the benefit of doubt. Anyhow I read the news and felt perhaps the soil has burst into laughter. I know well the nature if these earthen toys the soil whispered me.
How can millionaire afford to be an ordinary driver to another billionaire. Why shoun’t he himself keep a lot of drivers to be a very much part of culture most of us exist in.
And hats off to the broad-hearted Ghulam Abbas Zardari, who appoints Faryal Talpur as his true and lawful attorney and authorises her with powers: to buy, sell, transfer, cancel, rent, refund money, consolidate or assign the property owned by him.
This all cannot be there out of love. Our world of today sans love and if at all any such thing happens it is not love behind. Rather, it is either one’s being true to his salt or some terror often strikes a slavish respect.
Actually focus of love is to ease others and not to create problems for them.
I don’t know why we embrace material. It is like purchasing strain and stress. Our real happiness lies in following the broad-hearted nature which generally we have nothing to do with.
We don’t like to near the real server that is all promising. We are ignorant of the decorum the served are bound to observe. We are all out to obstacle genuineness. Flats, luxury homes, palaces, farm houses all are but a conspiracy to destroy the vital phenomena by the served.
The dissatisfaction material renders us knows no bounds. We do what is lethal to the verdant universe. Our real richness is that we should own the universe. But the tiny planet is such an attraction where we disown the worlds other than earth.
I fear the time when we will change our smiling green soil into a concrete jungle with no oxygen making the jungle an epitaph of the died…
It is we and we only who are to people our world with love, compassion, selflessness and regard not only for our fellow beings but also for the creatures there in the worlds yet to be conquered. Sailing under false colours we cannot know the secret of longevity. No ruler should be the sort making his people pass through school of adversity.
If a driver associated with senior political leaders does have millions of rupees why some other driver from the same soil dies for want of bread.
I am saying this in sad earnest that when government bigwigs get sick at spirit the nation get ailed physically and cannot be there on an ascending track. Skies never welcome a burdened spirit and an ailed physique.
The supreme creature never knows that Nature wants nothing but reciprocation. A creature that was given task of conquering universe is not willing to even see upwards and why should they when they are all busy with acquiring properties through their front men.

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