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The hapless cyclist champion broke his legs and is hampered to live a miserable and wretched life

Cyclist lost legs in an accident after the Dam Fund Raising Cycling Marathon

Karachi’s Cyclist Champion: A world record holder Kashif Basheer has been waiting for a miraculous assistance to help him to stand on his feet again since the day he fell prey of the accident after partaking in the fund raising cycling marathon for Dam.

The hapless cyclist champion broke his legs in the fateful accident and now has been hampered to live a miserable and wretched life.

Kashif Bashir started his cycling career while he was only a teenager but worked part time along with studies to support the finances of the family. His passion for the cycling ignited when he used to sell the milk over the two wheeler.

Kashif has set a world record with a constant ride of 10 hours and covered a distance of 246 Km.

Kashif is a three times cycling champion on local level and had won the silver medal and a bronze medal in National level Cycling Championship.

He took part in the cycling marathon to raise money for the Chief Justice of Pakistan Dam Fund and upon arrival met with a horrible road accident. In that adverse mishap, his logs were broken. Not only the accidents cost him his legs, also his expensive cycle he had bought over the installments was also damaged.

The poor cyclist even has sold out his households but could not make enough money for the hefty amount required for the medical treatment. Relatives, friends and acquaintances – to their strength – tried to facilitate Kashif but still is running short of money.

Kashif while speaking to Dunya News said, he is an asset to the nation and is in dire need of financial assistance. He further added it is government’s responsibility to share burden of his weighty medical expenses so he can walk on his legs again and can ride his bicycle.

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