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Customs recover Tarantula spiders from airline passenger’s luggage

KARACHI: Customs officials foiled a bid to smuggle rare Tarantula spiders at Islamabad airport.

Customs officials seized two rare spiders from the luggage of a passenger, Usman Khan, who was arrived Islamabad from Dubai in a flight of a foreign airline, sources said.

The man involved in smuggling of rare spiders to Pakistan, has been a native of Peshawar, sources said.

Recovered rare spiders will be handed over to the wildlife department, sources said.

Tarantula spider’s venom considered to be helpful in cure of various types of cancer and some serious forms of epilepsy.

Tarantula spiders seized

Some species of Tarantula have become popular in the exotic pet trade creating a demand across the world.

Recently in Philippine customs officials seized hundreds of live tarantulas flown in a gift box from Polland. Local Bureau of Customs seized the 757 tarantulas at a mail exchange center near Manila’s international airport in April. Many of the baby tarantulas were concealed in small plastic vials punctured with holes for air while bigger spiders were shipped in see-through plastic containers. Officials estimated the value of the unusual shipment at 310,000 pesos ($5,900).

Philippine wildlife laws prohibit the trading, collection and possession of such spiders, which are popular pets without permits. Despite threats of hefty fines and imprisonment, a startling array of wildlife has been seized by the hundreds by airport customs inspectors in Manila.

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