Change to start with me, says PM Imran

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed to the nation on Sunday since being elected country’s new premier.
The address began following the recitation from Holy Quran and the playing of the national anthem.
PM Khan first thanked those who stood by him in his political struggle, saying: “I want to thank all my supporters who have been with me on this journey for the last 22 years. I did not want to pursue politics as a career, but as a means to make this country what it should have been.
“I salute all those workers who have stood by me in the most difficult of times. Who bore ridicule to support me … I could not have been here without you.”
The PM identified Pakistan’s economic challenges and how he would fix them. “Never in Pakistan’s history have we faced such difficult economic circumstances,” he said. “Our debt burden is Rs28 trillion. We haven’t been as indebted in our entire history as we have been in the last ten years.
“We will bring this money back. That is, God willing, what we are here to do.”
“The interest that we have to pay on our debt has reached a level that we have to take on more debt just to repay our obligations.
“Our external debt obligations have reached a level that we have to contemplate how we are going to grapple with them.
“On one hand we are so indebted, and on the other hand our human development index ranking is in the doldrums.”
Next, PM Khan outlined the deficiencies in the healthcare sector, saying: “We are unfortunately among the five countries where infant mortality due to unclean water resources is highest.
“We have the highest rates of mortality for pregnant women. We are unfortunately one of the countries that suffer from the highest incidences of stunting in children. I have been saying this for ages and nobody took me seriously. We are talking about 45 per cent of this nation’s children.
“They are not getting proper nutrition. They are not developing properly. They are automatically left behind. What must their parents go through seeing their children in such a state?”
“We have two paths ahead of us: one is the path we have taken so far — indebtedness, poverty, no funds to help our most vulnerable. The other path is what I wish to speak out about today.”
Khan pointed to the difference between the growing lifestyles of the rich and the poor, and hinted that he would adopt an austere style of governance.
“I want to speak about how the rich and powerful live in this country,” he said. “The PM has 524 servants and 80 cars. The PM, which is me, also has 33 bulletproof cars. We have helicopters and aeroplanes to fly us. We have massive Governor Houses and every conceivable luxury. “On one hand we don’t have money to spend on our people; on the other hand, we have a section of our people living like our colonial masters used to live.

Change to start with me says by PM ImranImran Khan
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