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CCVM system reports 18,722 violations of election code in Punjab

By Our Staff Reporter

LAHORE: The Code of Conduct Violations Monitoring (CCVM) System developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) reported 18,722 violations in 36 districts of the Punjab Province during the general election campaigns.
For each PP constituency, two monitoring officers were notified by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) who used their smartphones (android/iPhone) to report violations related to code of conduct issued by ECP.
18,722 reported code of conduct violations were resolved. The violations included wall chalking 467, PanaFlexes 14544, Banners/ Posters 3049, Billboards 435, Firing 7 reported and resolved, Display of Arms 10 reported and resolved, Terrorism/ Blast two reported, Use of loudspeaker 30 reported, Fireworks Nil, Without permission procession/meeting 27 reported and resolved, fighting 3 reported and resolved while others include 74 reported.
The Chief Secretary of the Punjab Province appreciated the dedicated team work by PITB and acknowledge the services of the officials by inviting them to his office.


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