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Burglars loot 12 kg gold from Hyderi jewellery market in Karachi

KARACHI: A major robbery incident took place in Karachi’s Hyderi jewellery market where unidentified burglars looted 12-kilogram gold worth Rs50 million,.

According to News representative, the burglary incident was reported from a famous jewellery market of the metropolis. Owners of the shops told  News that burglars looted 12-kilogram gold worth Rs50 million.

They said that the robbers had entered into one shop and later broke the wall of an adjacent shop for looted the valuables. The robbery was made allegedly during Eid holidays when the whole market was closed, market administration said.

Robbers have also cut wiring of CCTV cameras after entering the shop which increased complications to identify the culprits.

Whereas, the owners also expressed suspicions that the looters made the robbery with nexus of persons belonging to the local market.

Police told News that the department has received a complaint and it initiated an inquiry into the incident. They said that the accurate worth of stolen gold valuable will be ascertained after the investigation.

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